Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 12

Ulysses and the Fugitive 3 "That's awesome! Way to help out!" Sophie smiled at him. Ron nodded with approval. "Pretty sure that fella on the bus owes you a beer." Giles said. "He does. I mean, he gave me one right after we got him fixed up," said Ulysses. "Man, you earned a case for doing all that," Ron chimed in. "I'm just glad it worked out and that dude had the compressor. We would not have gotten that bus moving without it." "You're too modest, mate." "Yeah," said Ron. "Other people might've been trying to find a work around for that bus, but you're the one that actually went and found the gear to fix it." He shook his empty cup at Sophie and then handed it to her for a refill. "It sounds like you did good to me," Sophie shouted over the rising music, while she fixed Ron a drink. "Thanks guys," Ulysses said. "Hey, should I pack another bowl?" "Oh-ho! Trying to change the subject, are we?" Sophie gave him a conspiratorial look. "Well, ya'll don't have to join me, but I'm going to have more," he said to faux calls of outrage from the group, which meant of course they wanted to join him. He grinned to himself as he opened the tin. I really do feel pretty good; relaxed even, Ulysses thought to himself as he repacked his pipe. Chapter 4 - The Fugitive T hree days had passed since they arrived. They were solidly on burn-time now, Burning Man was in full manic swing. Giles and Ulysses had found their stride after the first night spent at Ron and Sophie's bar camp. They watched the sun rise over the desert that morning. Each tried to nap in the heat later that day. Giles had been somewhat disappointed to learn that Sophie was romantically attached to Ron, but not enough to keep he and Ulysses from stopping by the bar again the next night. After the first twenty-four hours, their days began when it was too warm to keep sleeping. Out of bed, they'd shuffle around for food and either make or scavenge coffee. Afterwards they would make their first round of wandering Black Rock. Because of the massive size of the gathering, they easily wandered through areas they hadn't seen or been through before every day. Meeting people by participating in whatever they stumbled across was really easy. Giles and Ulysses knew that most of the spectacle at burns was there to attract people into having an experience, into participating in something weird and fun with friends and strangers alike. This welcoming, communal environment was at least partially fostered by the guiding philosophy behind Burning Man and other regional burns; also known as The 10 Principals. Both men knew the principals were written by Larry Harvey, one of the cofounders of Burning Man. They were: 1. Radical Inclusion