Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 11

Ulysses and the Fugitive 3 on near the entrance. Ron exchanged pleasantries with one couple before moving inside the pavilion, Ulysses and Giles followed. The interior was bathed in a coruscating rainbow of lights. The floor was covered in mats that around twenty people were using as a dance floor. Ron waved to the lady behind the bar, whom emitted a high pitch squeal and ran out to clasp him in a fierce hug. They talked about something that neither Ulysses nor Giles could hear. Ron gestured to the two of them, so the pair stepped closer. "Lee, Giles, this is Sophie." He had to shout introductions over the music. They returned greetings the same way. "Can Sophie get in on smoking?" "Sure," said Ulysses, "not a problem. Where should we...?" "Have a seat at the bar! I helped build it, and it's my camp. Besides I'm the bartender right now, so what I say goes!" Sophie said. She was tall and thin with playful blue eyes. Her dark hair poked out of a plush panda hat, which somehow went perfectly with her black tank top and BDUs. Ulysses smiled at her as he took a seat at the bar with Giles and Ron. He produced his smoking tin from his pants pocket and began packing his pipe. Ron was getting Sophie to pour them all drinks. Once they'd shouted a toast drowned in bass and swirling lights, Ulysses passed the pipe to Sophie who would start the smoking circle. Before lighting the pipe, she went around to the front of the bar and wrote on a white board that she was taking a smoke break; drinks would have to wait until she was done. The four of them had a conversation typical to these circumstances: where are you from? Is this your first burn? Is this your first time at Black Rock? Are you part of a camp? Sophie seemed equally interested in what Giles and Ulysses had to say, and was happy to answer their questions in return. Ron was curious but didn't ask many questions himself, though he was comfortable talking with them. "Oi, Lee. Tell FV&WBvBRFBV&ƖW"vFFR'W2 VǗ76W2FFVBFVWVB26֖Rv2FWv6v2֗'&&VB'262%FRƖRFvWBv6wBfrVRBvGFVWBbFV"6'2BvW&RW7BƖRvrWB $2FBvBRw&RFrrVSvrWC"6RFV6VB6RƗBFRRBVBFVFVBBWB%vVvG'F"VǗ76W26B6֖Ɩr$'WB6VVFfRvGFVƗGFR7FVB"WfW'RVvVB%6vBWBbג6"B7F'FVBvƶrFFRvFRvWBWFW&RB6VRF2'W2vFfBF&RfƷ2&P7FFr&VBBBFRG&fW"2BFBFVB6bffB'WBFW6BFRF&PvVBVVB&R"f"Bv& 6RVBWW"FWfvW"BvVB&6&VBFR&"FvRFRvFV&&B6V6R&WGW&V@B6B$v7FƗ7FVr'WBvvrFvWBFW6RfƷ2G&2V6R6FVR VǗ76W2FFVB%6vƶVB&6FvFRƖRrf"RFBB"6&W76"WfVGVǒfVBwWvFBFƶVBFvWGFrWBbƖRBG&frWFFRvFRvFRvRvBFFR'W26WBWFR6&W76"fVBWFRF&RBFV6VVBBWvFג6bffB