Unnamed Journal Volume 3, Issue 1 - Page 10

Ulysses and the Fugitive 3 They ambled down the crowded makeshift street that ran between the tents and camps and shelters all globbed together. Nothing intruded too far into the lane wide enough to drive a car through, though. The roads were for travel. Most people appeared to be heading toward the man, the temple, or other structures to be burned. Ulysses and Giles followed. Indeterminate electronic music thumped a thick beat as they walked past a camp to their left. The beat blended and faded into the softer sound of someone playing a remixed version of Stair Way to Heaven. Their soundtrack morphed dozens of times before they arrived at the man. Lots of burners were just hanging out around the effigy. Some hula hooped; others swung LED poi, publicly practicing for the real thing. Ulysses had seen all of this before, but he was struck again by the sheer number o f people. Of course, he thought, this is it: this is the big burn. Giles was greeting a man with a prodigious beard and double-zero gauged earplugs. He was coated in a fine layer of dust, like everyone and everything else in Black Rock. Ulysses stood and watched the two for a while, and then began taking in his surroundings through the wobbly window of LSD. Everything was bright and loud yet oddly slowed down. He grinned involuntarily staring at the assembling event. Ulysses was snapped from his reverie by Giles shouting, "Oi, Lee!" The Aussie was beckoning to him from where he stood with beard-o. "What's up?" Ulysses said, having come over. "Lee this is Ron; Ron this is Lee." Giles was pointing back and forth to them. Ulysses shook Beard-o's hand. "Nice to meet you, Ron." "Likewise," he said, fixing Ulysses with an unreadable gaze. "Right, Lee, Ron was saying he knows a good bar camp we could hit up. We can head there with him. Could we smoke him up to return the favor?" Ulysses smiled at them. Giles's ability to meet people and strike a bargain never failed to surprise him. In this case, Ulysses had actually been caught off guard by those skills. "Oh most definitely," he said. "You want to smoke here or should we wait 'til we get to the camp?" "Let me take you guys there. We can get a drink then smoke up." Ron motioned for them to follow as he began walking. "Cheers, Ron. Lead the way." Giles grinned from ear to ear. Ulysses couldn't help but grin back even as he shook his head at his friend. Ron lead them through an area they hadn't been through yet. The three of them paused periodically to inspect theme camps along the way. Both Ulysses and Giles thought they saw their intended destination several times as they approached a few bar camps. The trio finally stopped at a large pavilion on the corner of two lanes. They could feel the dubstep bass as much as hear it standing outside. A half a dozen people were hanging out smoking, drinking, and carrying