Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 8

seeing what I was seeing. I began to look around the dark street in front of my house to see if anyone else was outside and could see what I was seeing. But there was no one. "It's not that you can't know about what I do," said Death, after a little while. "It just doesn't make a difference if you do. They could tell you everything, and you couldn't do anything with it." "They?" I said. "They. The powers. The gods. Whatever you want to call them." "They're real?" "They exist. I don't know if they're real in a way you could get." "Do they have names?" "Some of them do. They don't really need them, though." Suddenly, Death moved, shifting to a spot five feet to my left. I did not see him traverse the distance. He just left one spot and was in another as thought an unseen switch had been flipped. "What are you doing?" I said, covering up my revulsion at the uncanny nature of all this. I was beginning to feel slightly sick. "I'm trying to get him to see me." "Why does he have to see you?"