Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 4

From the Editor T his issue marks the conclusion of volume 2 of the Unnamed Journal. We're looking into expanding our roster of contributors for future volumes, but we're still in the process of setting up a new system for freelance submissions. Please watch our facebook page for details in the future. As this is the final issue of volume 2, we'll be taking our customary several month break between volumes. Both Fitz and I can scarcely believe we've kept this publication rolling for as long as we have, but what's even harder to believe is how little our creditors were willing to settle for when we pleaded poverty. Suckers! Now we all we need are a believable paper trail and a few offshore bank accounts... This month we have a short story by Andrew Patrick called, The Guy Came Out. It's a story about a man who sees Death and then proceeds to annoy him while he's working. Our second feature is the second chapter of my novel, Ulysses & the Fugitive. Ulysses must figure out how to move an immovable object before he can gain entrance to Black Rock City. Our third and final feature this month is The Meditations of Gaius Caligula. Caligula ruminates on the nature of his own, well, nature. We'll see you in volume 3! Alfred Underhill Editor-in-Chief