Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 18

“All right,” said the van-driving hippie, “we got a compressor in the van, and our friend here has a can of fix a flat. Think that'll do it?” “Oh man, that would be awesome!” “Cool,” said the van driver, “then give us a hand moving our gear and we’ll get it going.” The four of them heaved the equipment out with some help from onlookers and the bus passengers who hadn’t moved into the burn yet. It took a few minutes to get the generator running, but soon it was hooked up to the compressor. They waited a few minutes for the pressure to rise. “Alright,” said the van driver, “now we’ll find out if this wasn’t all a goddamn waste of time.” He attached the hose to the valve stem in the bus’s tire and started filling it with air. The bus’s suspension creaked as the vehicle’s frame leveled out. Before long, the front end of the bus wasn’t listing to the left. “You ready with that fix-a-flat?” “Yeah,” said Ulysses, “I got it.” “Okay, I’m shutting it off on three. When I hit three, Johnny’s gonna unhook the nozzle. You know what to do from there.” “Got it.” Ulysses crouched down, fix-a-flat in hand. “One, two, three,” the van driver said. Johnny unhooked the nozzle in a loud hiss. Ulysses screwed the fix-a-flat tube into place and hit the plunger. The white goo traveled through the tube and into the tire. He stood there holding the plunger until he was sure the can was empty. Then he unscrewed it and replaced the tire's valve stem cap. “What do you think?” He asked the bus driver. Who was eying the tire. “It looks better than it was,” the driver said. He shook Ulysses hand and drew him in for a quick clap of a hug. He repeated his ritual of gratitude with the van driver and Johnny. “You guys saved my ass, and now I can move this thing and stop pissing off all those people,” he said gesturing to the line behind them. “Happy burn!” said the van driver. “Happy burn to you guys too! Hey,” said the bus driver, “I got tons a beer in this heap. Hang on a sec, and I’ll get you a cold one.” He disappeared inside and then returned with four