Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 17

Ulysses was well past his rental when he found a van whose owner actually had an air compressor. Ulysses explained the situation to the road weary driver and his passengers. They belonged to a caravan of several vehicles for a theme camp. “So that’s what’s going on, man?” “Yeah, basically,” said Ulysses. “So, why don’t we get your van out of line, stop by my car to get the fix-a-flat, and go fix that bus wheel. Then maybe more of these folks will be able to move.” “What about the rest of my camp?” The driver asked. “Well, I figure the gate staff will let your van in early for helping but probably won’t let all of you cut because you’re the only one helping. Do ya’ll have a space for your camp already?” “I think so,” said the driver, “I’m not sure. I guess I could just wait for them on the inside or go on ahead or something.” “Sounds good to me,” Chimed in the guy in the passenger seat, “let me go tell the rest of our crew.” He jumped out and went to the vehicles behind the van, stopping at the driver- side window of each, dispensing the plan. He came jogging back through the dust and sun and said, “We’re good.” “All right then. Mind if I hitch a ride?” Ulysses said. They had him squeeze into the van between their camp gear, the door, and the compressor. They stopped at Ulysses’ car where he fell out of the van onto his feet. He grabbed the can of fix-a-flat from the trunk and then wedged himself back into the van with some help from the guy in the front seat. It was a short trip to the disabled bus from there. Ulysses and his new found comrades got out and surveyed the damage. The exasperated bus driver got out to talk with them. “Did you find something?” “I think we might be able to fix your tire,” said the van driver. Ulysses, the guys from the van, and the bus driver were standing in a semi-circle around the wheel. “It’s flat. Doesn’t seem to be anything stuck in it. It’s like the air is just gone,” said the bus driver.