Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 14

Ulysses was about to launch a retort, when a young woman emerged from the truck ahead of them in line. She took a few steps from the truck and began hula-hooping. Ulysses watched her with interest; Giles was transfixed. “Yeah, I like her,” Giles said. He checked the unmoving caravan before him, and put the car in park. “Right, well then, Lee, I think it’s time for us to get acquainted.” “Okay,” Ulysses said, “you want me to come with or should I keep moving the car up?” “Either way, mate. Cheers!” Giles slammed the door as he finished his sentence. Ulysses wiped his forehead free of sweat and took a sip of water. He looked at the line of cars and shook his head. He glanced over to where Giles had already begun a conversation with hula-hooping girl. “Fuck it." Ulysses opened his door and went out into the blazing heat. He squinted against the day despite his sunglasses while he walked over to the pair. “Oi, yeah, that’s Lee, me mate,” said Giles with garrulous inflection as Ulysses joined them. “Hi,” he said. “This here is Wendy, mate.” “Hi,” said the petite curvy girl. She stopped hooping and adjusted the white, black, and neon green cyber-lox in her hair. Wendy pulled a canteen off of her belt and poured a light orange liquid into her open mouth. She looked at Ulysses and Giles, “So, is this your first trip to Burning Man?” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. “Not for me, but for him, yeah,” said Giles thrusting a thumb toward Ulysses, who shot him an annoyed look. Giles never turned away from Wendy to acknowledge the gaze. “Well,” she said, looking at Ulysses and smiling, “welcome home and happy burn.” “Thanks,” he said, returning her smile, "happy burn to you too." “Yeah, me and Lee drove from Denver to be here. Of course, I actually flew there from Sydney.” Giles cannot be denied, thought Ulysses. “Oh, are you originally from Sydney? Or did you move there?” Wendy asked. Ulysses realized his participation in the conversation had ended. He looked off in the direction of the gate.