Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 13

“Well yeah, basically,” said Giles with a blank expression. “Except of course they’re at Burning Man. That does seem to have some effect on everyone, I'd say.” His grin returned. “All right, man, I’ll take your word.” + + + The line of cars stretched ahead of them further than Ulysses had anticipated. Neither he nor Giles could see the gate from their spot in line. The car roof was up because of the scorching heat and blowing dust. Giles, still at the wheel, had swapped out his sunglasses for a pair of mirrored goggles. His pale elbow poked out the window into the sun. Ulysses sat next to him wearing his usual sunglasses, staring at the line of cars ahead and peeking at the line behind them in the passenger side mirror. “That’s a lot of fucking cars,” Ulysses said. “Yeah. People come from all over the world to be here," Giles replied. “I’m glad you were able to get some extra time off so we could hang before this insanity, man. It’s been good having you around, bar fights and all. Next time, I’ll come out your way.” Giles took a swig of water. “Nah, fu ck that, mate. Fuck Australia. Full of fucking Aussies: who wants to come and see all that, eh?” He was grinning. “No, I got a better idea. Let’s meet up somewhere closer to me, like Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong; maybe Bali,” he trailed off as they crept a car length forward. “All-righty then, my friend,” said Ulysses. “We’ll decide on some place before you head back to Oz.” “Please don’t fucking call it that.” “Huh, why not?” “It’s a crap slang term.” Giles snorted dismissively. “Feeling a bit of national pride, are we?” “Fuck off! It just sounds fucking stupid is all. You yanks have no problem sounding fucking stupid, but I prefer not to.”