Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 12

Ulysses & the Fugitive - Ch. 2: To Black Rock By Alfred Underhill “Cor, yeah, man, you’re gonna love the fucking burn!” “Giles,” Ulysses said, “I’ve been to regional burns before. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect out of this one.” “Right, yeah, I know. But like, this is the big one, right? This is Burning Man. Tens of thousands of burners burning for a week, mate. Oh, the sight of it all!” Giles shot Ulysses a knowing look over his sunglasses; his spirits couldn't be dampened. Ulysses shook his head. They were just outside of Reno, in a car with no roof, on their way to the Promised Land: Black Rock. “Figure we’ll make it back alive?” Ulysses asked with a forced smile. “I dunno, mate. Might not,” Giles said, mirroring his friend's smile. "The main thing to watch out for is the dust. It'll get into everything; there's no way around that. Just remember to use the vinegar instead of water if you have to wash it off." Ulysses nodded. He stared at the barren landscape to his right. The only sound for several minutes was the wind whipping past. “What about the girls?” “Oh now, listen to Lee!" Said the Aussie putting on a falcetto, "Tell me big brother Giles: will there be girls there? Girls that will want to shag my pathetic, dirty carcass? Oh please say yesssss!” “Fuck you.” Ulysses rolled his eyes as he said it. “You’re the twat saying ‘I’ve been to burns before, Giles.' Be a good chap and fuck-off.” “Seriously, Giles: fuck you,” said Ulysses. "You know that's not how I meant that question. I haven't had much of a budget to get out and meet new people since I'm still looking for work. So I got to take what chances I get to meet people, alright?" "Yeah, yeah no need to get sensitive, Lee. I was just having a bit of fun. " Giles pinched at the underside of nose absently, sniffing. "So the ladies at Black Rock are the same as at smaller burns?”