Unnamed Journal Volume 2 Issue 6 - Page 10

"You remember the part when Moses has to cast his eyes down when God passes over him, so he can only see God's back and not his face?" "Um..." "It's kind of like that. You haven't really seen me. You've just seen an angle." "Does that mean something?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, am I like a prophet or something? Do I have special status because I saw an angle of you? How did that happen?" "I don't know," said Death. "Probably not. It's probably just one of those things." "Does it happen a lot?" "Sometimes. Most people don't talk to me, though. They usually yell things or they freak out and run away." "Do you want me to stop?" "It doesn't matter." I suddenly became very aware of my breathing. I focused on breathing good strong breaths in and out. I focused on my pulse and forced myself to be calm. I wanted to piss myself, and I wanted to run away, and I wanted to scream.