Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 5 - Page 4

From the Publisher out may have noticed that this issue was late. This was due to a protracted Mexican standoff involving one of our contributors, a swarm of beige- jacketed realtors, and an ibex. We have resoloved the matter to everyone’s financial and/or intellectual satisfaction. Incidentally, ibex is delicious when properly salted. Y You also may have noticed that we skipped a month somewhere and are now putting out issues in what were our off-months. This was the result of a series of editorial meetings that tended, due to creative differences, to mission-creep into UFC simulations, debates on the finer points of Game of Thrones, and attempts to recreate (strictly for scientific purposes) the Roses of Heliogabulus. We’re almost done paying off the settlements. But your patience has been rewarded. This issue is fulled with quality content. First, John Barleycorn attempts to render Post-Apocalypitica in Hemingwayan/Ramond Carver-ish prose in The Filth of Living. Then, Alfred Underhill begins his own serial novel, Ulysses and the Fugitive. It looks bloody interesting. Then the aformentioned contributor, Andrew J. Patrick, gives us evidence of his recent discovery that Robert E. Howard could actually write, with a 7,000-word blood-and-thunder bit of Conania entitled The Dying Goddess. He has muttered something about “world-building,” so if he becomes the next George R.R. Martin, you can nerd-point to this magazine as where the madness began. I can see the Reddit posts now. Enjoy your subscriptions. Thomas Fitz Publisher