Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 5 - Page 29

The Dying Goddess saw Drea, floating in the air like a leaf, with a blue fire in her eyes, emitting from her mouth the sound that the beast recoiled from. It did no more than annoy his own ears. Kal-Ophicor retreated into the outer dark and took the dome and the brick walls of the temple with it. Drea stumbled and Tygg took her by the waist and she steadied herself on him and they looked around at the confusion and the corpses and they remembered how many such scenes they had witnessed in their days, and they smiled at each other to have survived all of them. * * * The Dread sailed away on the morning tide, overladen with gifts from the grateful citizens of Guhlia. Gevandrin and his sister, who had miraculously survived the incident with no memory of it, were especially generous. Gold and jewels from the public Treasury of Atmos as well as their family's private treasure were pressed upon the Captain and Mate of the Dread. These mattered nothing to Drea. She cared only for the small trinket they had found underneath the broken poison vat - a small piece of black metal with an oily sheen, that seemed to take the shape of a teardrop. "I think it's the Carador," Drea said, "the Liar's Kiss." "Is it a Shard?" asked Tygg. "It's talked about as a possible one," Drea said. "We may have to sail back to Cevalon to know for sure." "What are you going to do with real Shards when you find them?" "I don't know. What does one do with weapons of darkness if you have no darkness in you?" "Says the woman who is rowed across the sea by the dead." "I knew you would say that." "Yet you gave me the bait anyway." Drea ran a finger along Tygg's chin. They watched the statue of Alia-Venda disappear to the horizon. "Many said I looked like her," said Drea. "I heard the same thing," said Tygg, "I don't see it." He grinned at her and they turned away. UJ