Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 5 - Page 27

The Dying Goddess Tygg blinked his eyes and saw Gevandrin standing over him, smirking, with a troop of men behind him. He wanted to remove the High Captain's smirk with a rock but he was also pleased to see him. "This is how all his plans work," said another voice, and then Tygg saw the only being he ever consented to obey. His captain, Drea. In truth theirs was more a partnership of equals than a master and a servant. Drea came of an ancient house of Dohmite nobility and Tygg of clan raiders along the fiery mountains of Koseria. But they had fought great evils on the shores of Cevalon, and even journeyed into the Dead Lands where no man could walk. And they had lost a companion together. Tygg stood and answered Drea "What kept you?" "The blood was on me," she said. "I fell into the sea before I came to myself," "Fell?" "Was thrown, then," Drea said, irritated at the petty truth. "By the way, Harldr is dead." "Caraca warned you about him." " I know." "I am sure this discourse is of great significance," said Gevandrin, "But there are other matters..." "He's right," said Tygg. "These lizard priests are bringing something into our world." "Something?" said Gevandrin. "So they do have a Shard," said Drea. "I did not see that," said Tygg, "but half the city is in this temple tonight, and the priests have them calling for some beast of outer dark. You hear that sound?" They listened to the mad cacophony for a moment, and felt the chill of it in their blood. "Sound is their weapon. The poison that enthralls is some charm, I cannot tell what, but it is sound that transported me here through their walls." "And sound that allowed your captain to breach them," said Gevandrin. "That's her favorite," Tygg said. Drea pursed her lips. "These priests, they tattoo themselves to have the look of lizard skin?"