Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 5 - Page 20

The Dying Goddess "You saw them. They have neither will nor awareness. Even preistesses of Our Lady have been ensnared. Whatever darkness these lizard scum serve, it is powerful." "It always is," said Tygg. Just then a young woman came to the solar. She had the same green eyes as Gevandrin, who greeted her. She wore a thick robe of blue and green and her hair was done up with bronze trinkets in the shape of waves. A bronze circlet encased her throat. "Fera," said Gevandrin. "I was told to find you here," the woman said. She noted Tygg's presence with a knowing lift of her eyebrows, as though she had a purpose for him as clearly as the High Captain did. "This," said Gevandrin, "is my sister. Pledged since she was a girl to the highest Order of Alia Venda, inducted into mysteries even I know nothing of. Someday she will speak for the Goddess herself." "My brother speaks from pride..." "Tygg," said Tygg. "Tygg," she said. "I saw your ship from our temple. Is it the one you suspected, brother?" "It is," said Gevandrin. "He is of the Dread." "Your reputation precedes you," said Fera. "And what reputation is that?" Fera smiled. "It is said that you slay pirates, free slaves, and return ransomed captives. It is said that you hunt rumor and myth of every demon and dark thing from one end of the Isles to the other. It is said that dead men row your ship, and that your captain is never seen..." "...And that we eat sharks and lay with mermaids besides. Rumor is treacherous, priestess." "But when it's all you have..." "...It spreads. So does bilgewater. The more fool he who swallows either." "Do you deny any of that...Tygg?" "I deny everything and nothing. I have my own goddess, who has her own truths. Rumor may spread as it will." Just then the servant with the downcast eyes returned. This time he had three goblets. He poured and offered to each, but Gevandrin refused. Tygg saw just a flicker of note in the servants eyes, but he made his exit with the same