Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 5 - Page 12

Ulysses and the Fugitive, Ch. 1 Ulysses nodded, and the two crossed the street quickly. They went down the block and took a right turn. They were out of sight but needed to walk up a little further before they'd be able to hail a cab. As they rushed along, they could here sirens in the distance. "Sounds like we left at the right time, eh?" They paused at a bus stop. "Yeah, I'd say so" said Ulysses. "Getting arrested for assault, property damage, and the drugs you're carrying would've been game over for both of us." Ulysses watched the gravity of the situation dawn on his friend. "They probably would've just sent you home and said you couldn't come back for awhile. Me? Well..." "You'd've been fucked, even if you didn't end up in prison. I know how it is with jobs and employers here. Fucking stupid." Giles shook his head. "Thanks for getting us out of there. I don't know what that cunt's problem was. Fucking punching a fella for talking to some girls without so much as a, 'oi, fuck off!' first. Bloody yanks!" "You're welcome, Giles. But tell me something: has that ever happened to you back home?" "Fuck off, Lee." Ulysses chuckled, turning his gaze downward. "How's your leg? Do you need stitches or will a bandage suffice?" Giles pulled up his damp trouser leg gingerly. Beneath they could see a decent amount of blood that had started to thicken in texture. It stained the top of his sock. There were a few lacerations on his calf, but none of them looked deep. "Should be all right once I clean it up. I'll check for glass once it's washed off. If I'm wrong, I'll take me-self to the doc-in-a-box." "If you say so," Ulysses replied. "I'll hail us a cab." Ulysses stood on the curb and waived to several taxis before one finally stopped to pick them up. The ride home was short and quiet. * “O * * kay, now that you're all cleaned up and I've had a little to smoke, let's review our plans for tomorrow." "We need to get the car," said Giles. His leg sported a clean bandage and was propped up on the arm of the couch. "Then we load our gear. We'll hit the market for the food and whatnot we don't have. After that, it's just the road until we reach Black Rock." "That's the general plan," said Ulysses. "I wanted to mention something specifically important: I bought a larger tent that has partitions inside. So we'll still hear each other when we're around, but we won't have to see anything." "That's handy. I don't think my delicate mind could handle the sight of nasty old Lee's unspeakable habits!" Giles put his hands to the sides of his face, impersonating Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone. "I'm pretty sure you've seen most of them at this point, Kevin" Ulysses replied. They both laughed. "There was