Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 4 - Page 5

The Tribe By Alfred Underhill In those early days it was pure chaos. Our instruments detected an anomaly millions of light years away. This first sign just looked like bad data, but it kept happening at closer and closer intervals in space-time. Astronomers, engineers, physicists: none had seen anything quite like the phenomenon. No one knew exactly how long it would be before whatever it was arrived, but the general consensus was "soon". The distortion moved toward our planet and stopped just beyond the moon. We were able to get a detailed look at it with the telescopes we already had in place. Just beyond our own moon was another slightly smaller satellite. It didn't revolve or rotate, it just stuck in space as if it had always been there. None doubted that its appearance was the act of a higher intelligence. Several days after the alien moon appeared, its emissaries came to every major city around the world. They were just suddenly amongst the populace, transmitted by unknown means. Within hours of their arrival, dialog between these outsiders and the leaders of the world's nations was established. Communication was facilitated by the outsider's technology, which has since helped remove previously existing barriers between cultures on this planet. The visitors called themselves tyuschika, which means "the tribe" or "the family". Despite this watershed moment for the human race, the nations of Earth were unprepared for confirmation of extraterrestrial life and the broader cosmic history that was imparted by them. Those who first encountered the Tribe were jarred by the experience. In spite of a nearly identical physiology, the barriers to initial communication and accord were largely cultural. There were virtually no shared values between either population; no common idioms or turns of phrase. Humanity learned that the visitors view the universe through a far different lens than our forebears did. The Tribe imparted knowledge that was both intellectually fascinating and existentially crushing. Their history is something humanity still fumbles to achieve. Their history is something humanity still fumbles to achieve. The tyuschika had long since mastered genetic manipulation by the time they began their planet seeding projects. Likewise, they had already terraformed their own planet extensively prior to expanding to others. Their techniques were applied autonomously, remotely. Once a planet was molded into a suitable habitat, the tyuschika arrived to finish the process and colonize the planet. With the exception of Earth, they arrived quickly. The people of Earth learned that they, like the other humanoid races of the cosmos, were the result of a planet seeding project initiated over a billion years ago, millions of light years away. It was a project carried out by early tyuschika on a planet beyond our technologies' abilities to detect. We learned that, in short, the genesis of human life on Earth had been a mistake; the result of an improperly calibrated probe veering off course into deep space. Human life developed without intervention, which is why the tyuschika view the humans of Earth as an oddity. However condescending, these outsiders