Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 4 - Page 4

From the Editor W e have created yet another issue for your perusal and reading pleasure. Our writers seem to be following more themes, recently. This month's themes appear to be space, space aliens, and questions of a somewhat existential nature. Hopefully this isn't just some elaborate maneuver by our staff for higher salaries because that's just not happening. Then again, maybe that's why some of these stories feature existential themes? Perhaps they're just sick of pickled herring; I know I am. At any rate, on to the stories... This month we have a short story by yours truly called, The Tribe. It's a story that posits the cultural and psychological effects of contact with a more technologically advanced species. This month also brings us the three concluding chapters of Void by Andrew Patrick. His tale of one man trying to survive an shape-changing alien onslaught from within his own ship reaches a climatic (and fitting) ending. We hope you enjoy! Alfred Underhill Editor-in-Chief