Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 6

How I’m Pretty Sure World War One Started von Falkenhayn: For whatever that’s worth. von Moltke: Seriously. Kaiser: We can expect the Russians to mobilize before the week is out. Declarations of war will follow. von Kluck: Fuckin’ A. Kaiser: So let’s get this party started. What’s the plan, boys? von Moltke: The General Staff believes we should operate according to the Schlieffen Plan, All-Highest. Kaiser: Schlieffen. That takes me back. That guy. What a nut… von Kluck: He would have loved to be here today, All-Highest. Kaiser: He would have, he really would have. Ah, well. We’ll drink some schnapps in his honor after we wrap this up. Hey, Bethy? Bethmann-Hollweg: All-Highest? Kaiser: You still got that bottle of schnapps I gave you for your last birthday? Bethmann-Hollweg: The Imperial Reserve, All-Highest? Kaiser: That’s the one. Bethmann-Hollweg: I dG&V7W&RBv2ԆvW7Bश6W#vvWBBRB&RvrFvWBG'VFW"ƖRF6r&VB6vpG'Vf"66ƖVffVFRvVW&3f"66ƖVffV&WFԆvVs&vBvԆvW7BॶWB&WFԆvVuФ6W#666ƖVffVvfRRFR'F7V'2N( 2&VVvRfFSvV2RrԆvW7BB2v2&VV'BbW"W&w&B7G&FVwFfB&Vr&vvVBFvGvg&Bv"श6W#&vBfFS'WBFRW7FV6RbFRg&6'W76VFVFRW26fƖ7BffpvW&f'GV6W'FF&V6RGvg&Bv"श6W#F6Rg&V67F'WGFW'BfW"66R'&R