Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 46

Lost in the Strange, Cold Pleasures of the Night moments of doubt, she got out of bed and got dressed. She crept down the stairs and out the side door. Following the same route that she had trekked months before, up the hill to where the scarecrow stood. Emily paused at the effigy. Am I being reverent or sentimental, she thought, then realized it didn't matter. She untied the effigy from the pole, then removed it's clothes. She unwound the ties she'd used to give the straw bundles shape, then scattered them. There was nothing left of the scarecrow but a thin a layer of straw on the ground. It surprised Emily that she didn't feel sad as she made her way back inside the house. If anything she felt more alive, more focused than she could remember feeling. She still didn't want to go to school any time soon, but that would be later. Tomorrow, she was playing hooky. Maybe I'll use the time to practice being kind to myself, she thought. UJ