Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 42

Lost in the Strange, Cold Pleasures of the Night Emily felt droplets of sweat form on her back. She wasn't sure if anyone else had overheard Kate's loud interrogation. "He doesn't go here, but it's not like that, Kate," Emily said quietly. "Oh, so you don't have a boyfriend? What was that smile about?" "There's," Emily hesitated. "There's a guy I'm seeing, but I wouldn't call him my boyfriend." "I knew it! I knew something was up," Kate smiled victoriously. "So come on, who is he? Tell me about him." "How about we talk when you come by on Saturday?" "Oh, you bitch! I can't believe you're going to make me wait. I'm dying to know! This is so not like you." "Come on, Kate. I'll tell you about him Saturday, okay. This is sensitive, all right? My parents don't know about him." Kate's eyes looked like they would telescope out of her face if Emily said another word. *** I t was sunny but cold Saturday afternoon at the Stumpf farm. Emily stoo