Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 35

Lost in the Strange, Cold Pleasures of the Night again. Quit it! Again. Quit it! Then she was awake, but someone was still poking her shoulder. Emily flipped over in bed and froze at the sight of a figure laying face to face with her. He looked at her with a bemused smile in the moon-lit room. "Who are you? Why are you here?" She could barely whisper. "No 'hello'? No 'my name is...'? No 'welcome, do this thing for me'?" He said with a sigh. Emily gazed at him dumbfounded. "Fine, I'll start. My name is Jack, and I'm here because you brought me here." "What?" He rolled his eyes and laughed a little. "My name is Jack, and I am here because you brought me here." He made jazz-hands at her. Emily sat up. Jack sat up. She scooted toward the edge of the bed, staring at Jack. He scooted to the opposite side of the bed staring at Emily. She looked at him dumbfounded for a dozen heartbeats, while he smiled at her. "Wait, okay, so it worked. But I thought...this doesn't make sense." "Since when did magic make sense? Your spell worked. You've summoned me here to do your bidding." He shrugged. "So what do you want me to do?" "Uh, well I...it's just that...I don't really know how to..." Emily trailed off. Her cheeks were warm with embarrassment. She had been ready on the hill, but now she didn't know what to say or do. Silently she thanke @FRF&VVB&f"6fW"%F26wB&VǒrWV7FVBFw2FvFR֖BbW7B6V7BאFVvG2f"֖WFS %FRFRFRRVVB"66BvWGFrWg&FR&VBR&Vvr&VBW"&PVVBfW'66RF6WfW&bW"7FW'2BW"&6VbFvWB&WGFW"'WBRWfW"FV6VB FVBFrb27FW2vW&R6VBW"7&Vf"V֖ǒvF6VBF6&VƖVbW&2F2v26RBb&&R6VRB6VVW"BpFWvB6VBF27G&vW"FG&W#V֖ǒB&VV&R6&VgV6WGFrWFR7VF6RvBWfW"&VVvFFrV6RW"VF&R6WfVFVVV'26RFwBFB6V&WBvB6Rv2FrBBFVW F2b7FVVG2BFFV&"F'VBFR66&V7&rBvFW"FR&W7BbFR6VG2f FR&GVBw276&R6VRfVBWB6RFVvBBrW&Rv2F2&7&VGW&S6VFǒr&VBW"&vFWBFV6rFr6PFFwBrrRv2vrFBRFFwBƖRRv2G'rF&BF&RVWB6Rv27W&PvFWfW"Bb6B"6RBvVB6F66WFrB6VBB7&6rFFRw&VBद6F6VBW"7F&rB