Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 32

Void, Chapter 5 After about ten minutes with no change, several things occured to Lang. First, the distance he seemed to have covered ought to have put him outside the prize by now, unless it was actually aimed at some oblique angle that deceptively moved along the length of the ship. Second, he had no way to turn around. If he wanted to return, he would have to shove himself, backwards, the same way he came. That would take longer. That thought unnerved him sufficiently that he stopped. Because the third thing that occurred to him was that he did not recall the last time he spoke to Jae. Surely he had recently - he hadn't been down there that long. But he did not recall it. What had he said? What had she said? He checked in: "Jae, Skipper." No reply came. "Jae, Skipper." Nothing. Panic began to flood his brain. He allowed himself to panic. He closed his eyes and let the panic wash over and through him. He found his center.  When he opened his eyes, he decided to slowly push his way back up. It would be inconclusive, but he needed to reconnect with Jae. Going on would be foolish. It would take as long as it took. There were no turns. He would get his way back. He started to shove, and then his light went out, and he panicked again, harder this time, and his hands no longer felt anything, and he flailed out with his arms but there was nothing, and suddenly Lang was aware that he was falling. He felt his body rush down in the direction that he had been going and his arms and legs could feel nothing around them and he screamed until his voice was hoarse. No one heard him. Below him he began to see a pinprick of white light that grew and grew and the more it grew the more Lang saw it pulsate like a fist opening and closing or a heart beating or a mouth. He did not know what it was but he no longer screamed and his mind just accepted the insanity. He could no longer process what was happening to him and he closed his eyes and accepted it. He did not understand. He would not understand. It was as simple as that. Just before the light washed over him, he heard and felt an echo of something very like an explosion. *** fter a while he opened his eyes and saw only whiteness pulsing around him. He was aware of a slight lateral movement but could not tell the distance or the destination. The whiteness reminded him of the way that the white dust had sandstormed around him in the mess hall. After studying it for a while, he discovered that it was the white dust. It was taking him somewhere. Perhaps it was killing him. Perhaps it had killed him. Perhaps A