Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 30

Void, Chapter 5 Void is a Serial novella written by Andrew Patrick. All previous chapters can be found in earlier issues of Unnamed Journal, or on the Tablo publishing web site: go to https://tablo.io/ajpwriter/void T hey had about an hour وXXK[[YZ[ܛH]H\X[[] ]YHY\H܈[KHYY]K\\H]H]KH]HH[IܙH][ۈH]K[Y]Y\[ۈH[\\X[۝HوYI[ H\]\]ۈ]]X]\HHY˜]\YX\ˈ^H]YXݙHHZ\X YY][\H\Y[K[[YZ\Yۈ] ][[ۙ^Hۈ]]\[[]Y[YY]HK] ۈ\K\\YHZY Hۛ] ]Ȃ] H[ˈ]]\\]\[\ˈHۉ[Y]H[[Y[\\\\[\HܛX[]X\ ]\ZHۙK]\ˈ\H\\XȂ\]\XȂ\\YHۋXۉ[ZH\ˈ^H[[ۙH[[ܜZYۈHBZYHوHH[[ˈ^K[K] H[H[\[[^Hۈ] H]H^Hوۛ[]I[\K܈[\] [H[\] Hۛ] Hۉۛ] ]\\[Y]^K] [Yۋ[YX]Z\[ۜˈHY[YY]]H[HZY˂[H] [ZY HYX[[ݙ\[[ZK]HYH\ݙ\][IܙHYBHH\[X[XO