Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 27

The Teutonic Beast had always chalked it up to a weakness of character. Which, he thought to himself as he lay atop a bored farm girl in a fancy silk chemise, was not wrong. In fact, that was why he did it now. He returned to staff headquarters and filed his report and wrote letters home to the families of the men who had died under his command. His report teased the notion that brass wanted to hear: that the German Army was near collapse, and that one big push would be sufficient. He never again spoke of serving in the front lines. He got a Bronze Star and a promotion to Captain and he served the rest of the war behind his desk. When the Great Armistice came, many of the brigade staff spend the night drinking. But Henry did not. That night, November 11th, was the night of the new moon. He would never go out on the night of the new moon again if he could help it.UJ