Unnamed Journal Volume 2, Issue 3 - Page 18

The Teutonic Beast "I...only want to be of use to the Cause, sir. To Victory." "And if recognition for your use should fuel a career in politics? To become the Teddy Roosevelt of your generation? All to the good, eh?" Henry did not care for the way Reynolds spoke about matters like this. Democracy was not a joke. It was a sacred trust. No man could have a political career - even if his name was Henry Clay - unless he could be of use to that trust. He wanted to say so, but he knew that the opportunity Reynolds was offering him was real. He stood up. "Sir," he said, "I'm happy to serve in any way." "Yes, well, don't get too excited, Clay. You haven't asked what your orders actually are." "I assumed I would get them when the time was right." "The right time is now. One - you will take command of 3rd Platoon.