Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 8

the air and sparkle like dewdrops on a rainbow. The spider monkey applauded. The Barbary ape applauded, which caused the spider monkey to fall off his saddle. The spider monkey did not like this, and slapped at the ape. The ape took it in stride, and gently hoisted the spider monkey back on his shoulders, and off they went. “Bugs.” “Drink?” said Mike. “So, Mike, let’s get down to it.” Luke sighed. “Sure, why not.” He resumed his seat. “Okay.” Mike clapped his hands and a sour-faced black capuchin in a bow-tie, evening coat, and cummerbund tottled over with a golden tray with a crystal decanter and goblets. He poured Pimm’s Cup mixed with unicorn tears and served both. “The 451st Typing Bonobo’s is not a gag. The strike is real. We can shut this place down. All you need to do to avoid this is to accede to our demands.” Luke scowled at this display. “Really?” he said. “Hey, if having a monkey in a suit pour me drinks is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.” The black capuchin snorted. “Okay.” They sat and drank. When they were done, the capuchin returned and rendered their empty vessels unto the ether from which they came. Mike picked up the scroll again and looked at it. “You want eighthour shifts, medical benefits, a comprehensive worldview complete with empirical falsifiability. And a coke machine in the cafeteria.” Mike looked at Luke. “We don’t have a cafeteria.” “We also want a cafeteria.” A parade of geese wandered through. The air of deepest reality flowed fragrant and sweet through the tendrils. The monkeys clack-clacked. “Luke, you can’t be serious with this. None of this stuff is necessary. The monkeys don’t need it.” “So,” said Luke, “How’s Gabby?” “You don’t know what they need.” Mike swallowed his drink. He’d never really believed that Gabby and Luke were a thing. And Luke asking about Gabby didn’t mean that they were. It would be just like him to bring it up just to fuck with his head. Still, though. “Neither do you. You’re gonna tell me that this…451st Bonobos Local actually had a meeting?” “She’s fine,” Mike said. “After we get done, you should come by. She’d love to see you.” “A meeting. With Bonobos.” “I’d like that,” Luke said, evenly. “But I have a thing. Which is to say, Bella has a thing, and I need to be there.You know how that is.” “Wherein they told you that they wanted a coke machine in the nonexistent cafeteria.” “You and Bella ]ѡЁt+q=ѱݡѱݡt(+qeϊͥ1ͽѡ́ݕɔ͡Ѽ)ɕЁɅѥٔЁѡЁͻeЁѡ䁑e)ɅѕɕЁѡϊd̻t(+q!ՠ eϊ éѕɕѥt(+q]Ёᅍѱ䁑ѡͅt(+qe͡éոt(+q5ѱѡЁѡݕɔչ丁ѡэ)иQЁݕЁ݅䰁ѡ՝t(+q%ͻeЁ͡ѿ՝́ȁͽѡt+q̸Ḿ̸Y䁑ٽѕѼѡѽ%ӊe)ѽՍt+q]Ёɔt(+qe̻t(+qe̻t(+qQЁչ́ȁѡѡѕɥ]ЁЁѡ)ͥݽɱ٥t+q'ѡӊɽѡɅ͕͔t((