Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 4

From the Publisher ll the idiots who have been running this magazine since its inception have been sacked. Then we hired an all-new editorial staff, and we fired them, too. Then we hired both staffs back and made them fight to the death in a mock naval battle in the manner of the Roman Emperors of old. Then we sobered up and realized we’d only talked about doing the last thing. This made us sad, so we fired everybody we hadn’t fired before, like that one guy who’s been hiding in the broom closet, muttering about Cthulu. That guy gave us the willies. A In any case, we have moved. UJ is now available at a new place, which means we can finally do what we’ve dreamed of doing since we incepted it: offer subscriptions to our readers. But really, it means we get to do it some more. That’s how it works when you put your own journal out: every issue is a victory. This one is solid, and packed with great stuff. Some serials are continuing: Catakuri makes a reappearance, answering the question of why cats put up with us at all. And there’s Void, which in a third chapter makes that swing from suggesting the threat to unmasking it. It gets better with every chapter. New pieces include Alpha Biotechnical Solutions, a classic piece of post-modern dread at the tech-world we’ve created, and Infinite Monkey Union, which is what happens when one of us makes a bet that they can turn a philosophical trope into a piece of fiction. That leaves only the obligatory screed, because dudgeon is the means by which one demonstrates intellect. I decided to make this one about the things that people complain about that they shouldn’t, because complaining about them is stupid. Because I say so. Anyway, enjoy your subscriptions! Thomas Fitz Publisher