Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 24

most pertained to the case and the precedents possibly set by it. The Hollinger's interview was paired with an investigative journalism piece about Alpha Biotechnical Solutions. The episode of the magazine broke all prior viewing records for the show, and became one of the most watched episodes of a television program in history . *** weren't immediately filed against any of them. A few were successfully sued; others settled out of court. Eventually, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the clones. While the lawsuit was successful, the amount each individual received was far less lavish than the amount the Hollingers were awarded. The Hollingers themselves were later sued by other disgruntled victims of the scandal. The legal fallout surrounding ABS sparked a national As a result of both the trial and the 60 Minutes interview, a conversation about bioethics and the implications of cloning joint federal task force was formed to investigate Alpha for the human race: How should clones be treated? How Biotechnical Solutions. Less than month after raiding the should bigotry toward genetic copies be handled? Do clones company's headquarters, two lists of names were found have a right to their progenitor's medical records? Legislation amongst the seized computers. One list contained sevenmade its way through congress that made it a felony to hundred thirty-eight names, the other held over a duplicate an entire human organism. This left the door open thousand names. Investigators found the Vanderschloss for cloning replacement organs family on the short list and and other body parts, a process the Hollinger's on the longer Cloned individuals had full legal right that was yet to be perfected. one. It became obvious that afforded non-biologically engineered Cloned individuals had full legal some clients had decided on citizens. However, individuals that were right afforded non-biologically more than one backup for engineered citizens. However, the result of bioengineering and had no individuals that were the result of themselves or their family members. bioengineering and had no natural natural analog, fell into a legal grey area… Arrests followed the raids. Every officer of the company was indicted. All, but the CEO, were able to make plea bargains that kept them from incarceration. He spent seventeen months in a minimum security jail before being released on probation. The trials and congressional hearings were a media circus. The breathless revelations about Alpha Biotechnical Solutions and its rich clients dominated new cycles around the world. A new kind of panic and paranoia gripped people. The list of the company's clients was kept from the public until after the trials concluded. This gave the authorities time to notify seven-hundred and thirty-four individuals of the stark truth about their existence. Most called for ABS's clients to be tried and jailed as well, but criminal charges analog, fell into a legal grey area; the military took keen interest in ABS's work. In the years that followed, clones came forward to tell their stories and relay the trauma of discovering the truth behind their lives. Daytime talk shows were thick with the clone brand of human interest story. Ratings surged. Some duplicated individuals became celebrities. But as time went on, the public became less interested. Almost a decade after the Hollinger's lawsuit, most people didn't give cloning a second thought. Cloning was the caprice and luxury of the rich, and the prerogative of the government. The average person could barely afford healthcare, let alone having their body parts duplicated. With the technology out of reach and the sensationalism gone, the general populace went about their lives. UJ