Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 21

The pit of her stomach dropped very far away. *** "What do you think it means?" The tears rolled down Miriam's cheeks as she spoke. Colin squeezed her in a tight hug. "Do you think we should sign the papers that Christopher Johnson guy gave us?" "I think it could mean that there's a very big difference between being rich and well...being anyone else. But more importantly, I don't think we have to let this color how we view ourselves, Miriam. We're our own people: self-made. The life that we've built and the choices we've made are what we want them to be. It doesn't matter to me if..." Colin couldn't finish his sentence because to finish it the way he intended wouldn't be truthful. It bothered Colin to think about the implications of the paperwork unceremoniously dropped on his family today. It disturbed him to think that his life could just be a side effect of someone else's wealth. It terrified him to think that his body and the bodies of his wife and daughters could've been, until very recently, spare parts for strangers they'd never met. "I don't know, honey. This is all pretty weird in terms of what it could mean. I'm wondering if we ought to lawyer-up before we do anything." Miriam gazed at her husband intently. "All of this really scares me too, honey. I have no idea how we can begin to explain this to the girls." She rested her head on Colin's chest. "But, he said that there could be legal repercussions if we don't mail in the signed paperwork," Miriam said, giving her husband a concerned look. He made an exaggerated shrug in response. "Me neither," he said, "but one thing at a time. I think the first step is to call Jack Wright tomorrow. I'll set up an appointment to have him go over these papers. I'm sure it won't cost much for him to just look at them. I think once we've sorted out what to do next, we can tell the girls about this." "What's your take on this?" Miriam said to Colin, sitting at the kitchen table. Her husband's reading glasses were low on his nose, his brow knit as he squinted at the papers in front of him. Colin didn't budge for several minutes. Then he picked up each of the pamphlets and scanned through them one at a time, sighing. "I would think," he said removing his glasses to rub his eyes, "that this could be some sort of elaborate prank if we hadn't googled the Vanderschloss family earlier." "So what?" Colin said. "As far as I know, human cloning still isn't legal in the U.S., and I don't know where in the world it is legal, or if it even is." He shook his head. "No, the way I see it, we don't lose anything by consulting a lawyer before we sign any of these papers. The worst that could happen is we find out that we do have to sign them. Then we just do it." Miriam's eyes were moist. She looked at her husband, then at the stack of papers that had sent her reeling. She clasped Colin's hand. "I want to wait to tell the girls. We shouldn't tell them about any of this until we've talked this over with a lawyer." "I agree," said Colin, moving over to put his arm around his wife. "They don't need to know about this until we're sure. Hell, maybe we should hire a P.I. while we're at it, might be worth it." "I guess that gives us some time to figure out how to," Miriam said. "Maybe. Who knows? If this can go away quietly, I'd rather we just never tell them." "You might be right." Was all she could think to say. Miriam felt hollowed out, numb. She rested in Colin's arms, soothed by the silence of the room. *** The office of J [[ܚYU\K^YYۙY[K›وY[^][Z[[K]K[Y\[][Y›]و\[H܈][YZ[[ˈH\]\H\˜[X]\[^[]H Y]H\YۈوXX\[\KX\H[X[\ٙXH]ܚY ]ܜK \˂X[\[\\H[ۙY[ [[\[[Hق