Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 20

before signing any of these? Maybe I should talk to a lawyer?" "You're free to do as you like, ma'am," Mr. Johnson said as he stood up. "There are also some forms for your husband and daughters to sign as well. Once everyone has signed, please return those forms in the addressed envelope provided. Be advised that you could face legal repercussions if the envelope isn't postmarked within the next ten days." Mrs. Hollinger's eyes went wide, her mouth hung slightly agape. He smiled at her, "May I have my clipboard back? Thank you. I'll show myself out." Mr. Johnson donned his sunglasses and walked out the front door with his empty clipboard. Mrs. Hollinger just stared at the forms in front of her. They just didn't make sense. Reading them made a kind of logical sense, but she felt as though there was a context to the verbiage that eluded her: her husband, although thinner and slightly more handsome. His headshots looked like they were taken inside of a C-suite at some big corporate headquarters somewhere. The other two tri-folded documents each contained pictures of a girl that looked like she was a cousin to her girls. Cousins or maybe sisters, she thought idly. The asthmatic rumbling of the school bus turning down her street drew Miriam's attention away from the documents spread before her on the coffee table. Children shouted and giggled outside as they walked, ran, or skipped toward home. Three enthusiastic rings of the doorbell signaled her daughters were home. Talbot began barking with vigor. She smiled reflexively and sighed as she let Talbot out of his kennel and opened the front door. Reading them made a kind of logical sense, but she felt as though there was a context to the verbiage tha t eluded her… Receipt of this notice waves the recipient's rights to all legal recourse against Alpha Biotechnical Solutions (here after referred to as ABS), it's clients, or any associated organizations.The recipient(s) is/are no longer affiliated, monitored, or maintained by ABS or its clients. ABS refuses all claims to liability for the recipient(s) mental and/or physical health and/or status. Another passage read: The recipient is bound by the nondisclosure agreement enclosed within this packet. Failure to return the enclosed agreement will result in legal action by ABS, which could result in civil or criminal penalties.You, the undersigned, acknowledge your status as a severed/discontinued asset of ABS, which holds no claim or liability to/for you. There were pages of this stuff. But what was really weird, were the pamphlets. Inside one of them was a picture of a blonde woman that looked like she was related to Miriam, wearing designer clothes and expensive jewelry. In the headshot, she looked like she was sitting onboard a private jet. Oh, how the other half live, she thought. Another one contained images of man that looked like he was related to "Mom! You won't believe what Beth said at school today," said Christine practically bursting through the door. "I think she must be crazy," said Nicole, looking at her sister. She stepped in with a, "hi, mom." "Hey, girls," She hugged and kissed both on the cheek. "Why don't you go into the kitchen and get yourself a snack. I'll be there in a minute and you can tell me all about your day." Nicole nodded and left accompanied by an overjoyed Talbot. "But, Mom!" Christine interjected, "I've got to tell you what Beth said today at school: it's so cray-cray!" "In moment, Chris. First, I need to finish cleaning up some stuff in the living room. I'll be there in a minute, I promise." Miriam shooed her pouting 12 year old toward the kitchen. With the children fixing themselves a snack, she went back to the papers on the coffee table. Miriam scanned through the forms and the legalize, but it didn't make any more sense than it did the first time she read it. It was something about the way they were worded. She fidgeted with the pamphlets. Wasps and cute kids, she thought, staring at the young lady who looked like Nicole. Aside from the hair and the outfit, her and Nicole could be twins, really, thought Miriam. I wonder what these people have to do with these forms.