Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 18

Catakuri - Repose In this return of our popular feature, our feline overlords give instruction on how best to seek rest after those grueling five or six hours of wakefulness. R est is paramount for all feline rulers. Getting enough rest keeps the mind sharp and the reflexes quick. With a sharp mind a ruler can determine the virtue and vice of their subjects. Quick reflexes make it possible for the ruler to react to any situation that may occur. One should endeavor to sleep at least thirteen to twenty hours per day; no more, no less. However, it is often difficult to get sufficient sleep in one sitting. One must be prepared to take several long naps throughout the course of the day. This practice keeps the ruler capable of responding to any possible scenario: disturbances within the kingdom; the admonition of subjects; the filing of grievances; demanding tribute; grooming, and feasting. It is best to develop several tactical sleeping places in order to get sufficient rest and to be ready to respond to the ever changing conditions within one's realm. Anywhere you can obstruct your subjects movement through the kingdom is a fine place to take a nap. Resting in front of a portal, such as a door or screen, is one example. Repose upon a staircase is another method. Sleeping in the middle of a hall is yet another obstructive possibility. Finding rest in a tub or sink is not recommended: anarchic subjects could douse you in hateful liquid. Of course, if you should find yourself in this predicament, unleash your wrath upon your subjects and then file a grievance on something they cherish. Hidden places are also excellent for napping. In a hidden bed you are far less likely to be disturbed by subjects. Though your surfs may be larger than you, there is much of the kingdom that they cannot see or reach. The tops of shelves and appliances, behind stairs, in attics, and crawlspaces are all examples of hidden places. If you sleep in a particularly well hidden location, your subjects may come looking for you. Remember that you are never obligated to reveal your secret bed or acknowledge your subjects’ plaintive cries. Wherever you make your bed, you must ensure it is soft. Applying one's claws to the bedding prior to sleeping helps to soften and ready it for your rest. It is imperative that you soften your bed prior to every slumber. It must be mentioned that sunbeams enhance repose. No matter how extravagant or well hidden your place of rest, it will always be enhanced by sunlight. However, long naps in the sun may lead to restless sleep, so position yourself accordingly for long naps in the sun. There are many sleeping positions. One can sleep on one's side, in a roll, on one's back, or in a sphinxian loaf, with all four limbs tucked in. This list is not exhaustive, nor is any of these positions superior to the other. It is important to know each and use them when appropriate; doing so will help maximize your rest. Whenever possible, sleep on one of your serfs. There are many tactics that can be employed to make a surf-bed FPV6W7BWFB2FvBVFFR7W&bFV6Vb26VW@FV6VWFVFW"WFB2F7&vFFP7W&bFVFrG&'WFRBFVfƖr6VWF`FVrFV6RFR6br7W&b&V@ƖW2&Vr2Fff7VBFF6FvR276&RbR&P76&RFfRFVW"7V&V7BvfR66P'WBF&Vw'VFvvǒ66WBFV"B7V&V7G2BFPFǒF&VrW6VB2&&VB'WBFW&RW76W 7&VGW&W2BFV"2GFW"BT