Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 13

Void, Chapter 3 Void is a Serial novella written by Andrew Patrick. The previous chapters can be found in the previous two issues of Unnamed Journal, or on the Tablo publishing web site: go to https://tablo.io/ajpwriter/void ang got back to the Vulture and everything was fine. He made his way forwards past the mess hall and into the Walk, where the crew kept their quarters. Here alone the ship was laid out with a sense of decor, with deep shining blue walls and soft light. The quarters were all kept away from each other so that you could not see any door from the hallway. L "All at once?" "It could happen. Like that control ship booming into the star." "Protostar. I see your point, but ... it's not like they're all slipping, they're just all... off." "Example." Jae Havensy met him walking along the same corridor - on the ceiling. She said it was for test purposes,  but Lang suspected that she just like messing with everyone. For one thing, she never said what exactly was being "tested": the gyros that controlled the art-grav, or the magnetic boots that she used to fool it. For another, she went out of her way to sneak up on crew-mates when she did it, and every time people did double-takes. As with the slide out of warp, no matter how many times you saw it, you experienced that filament out doubt that you were really seeing it. Normally Lang didn't even acknowledge her. "Okay, so Kronz went in to debrief Zool while you scoped the prize, right." Lang ought to have rolled his eyes at what they both knew that meant. He ought to have felt some twinge of jealousy. But his sudden ind Y\[H\[\ۈ[KY HZY [H[]HY\Y^IH[\H]X\[[B^YY [\IH]\[[Hۛܛ۞Hۛܛ۞]\][\[] YOȂ\H[ܚ\\] Y][\YYYK[HYX[Ȃ]H[\ܘXHYH[YHٙHZ[[]\H[ۈ]] [[[X\YH\BXH[[\H[^\Y H[YHZY \[\ۙH[H\XK[H]HY[[]Y][ˋٙ\[\OȂ] [[[ۋYKZY[˂\Z[^H\\\[H[ۋ\\Hۛ[HY\][[K\\ۉ] H[]^B[\ۈ] ][HY[HZ\[وHY[X^XHHY\][[K]Y^H\H[\H]HZ[]\I[^H\Hݙ\ܛ۞\Y[Z[]\]\[[YH\[]’[Z[ H\\[[^H\HۙK[YۈHܜY܈\H\Y\ˈ܈HXۙHYHYY[Y[ۙH[HۈH[\HYH\[YK]\H\ۙH\K[[[Y\[ȈHZY]\ ݙ^HH] HXYY\\HXZH\B^HXY\X\[]\ȂIݙHۙHۈH[\\IHY\H\و]\]Y][[H\ۉ YKZY[H[Y]H[K\IY][X] YH]YHHYKH[XH \XY\[][H]H[[[Y\]YH[HY]