Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 11

was gold – not blonde, gold – and so were his eyes, which sparkled like lesser fires of the Luminescence. His suit was white and draped his frame. “Hi, fellas,” he said, in a voice like spun honey being areosoled into the atmosphere, “Thanks for waiting.” “Sure,” said Mike. Luke said nothing. “So, I hear tell there’s some confusion as to what we’re doing here, and why.” “No confusion,” Luke said, his voice a full register softer, “we simply don’t know what we’re doing. The Why follows.” “And you thought the best way to learn this would be to promise a herd of bonobos bananas in exchange for signatures.” “Did you do that, Luke?” said Mike. Luke shrugged. “Damn, man,” said Mike. “You certainly made a splash, Luke,” said Josh, sitting on Mike’s desk with one leg. “No one can take that away from you.” “But do I get answers?” “If we haven’t given you answers before, why would we give them now, based on this non-threat? The number of monkeys that are on break or sleeping at any given moment exceeds the numbers of our so-called union. Even if you got all of them to strike, which you won’t, we’d never notice the difference. You have no power here. You have no play.” Luke glared at Josh, and his glare took on the same glow of the void. Mike felt the same shudder he had previously, frozen by nothing. Did Josh feel this? He had to, right? Josh stepped off Mike’s desk, took a step towards Luke, and putting his hands in his pockets looked Luke in the eyes. Mike watched them stare at each other. They stared for what seemed like a terribly long time. The monkeys near Mike’s desk stopped typing, and turned to look as well. Then the monkeys further on. Then the monkeys further than that. Before Mike noticed it, the typewriters had all fallen to silence. “You hear that?” said Luke. “That’s my play. That’s what bringing you here accomplished. That’s the union of infinity, drawn to the spectacle. I just did what I said I would do, and you helped me. What’s your play?” The air took on an electric charge. The light and shadow comingled over Josh and Luke’s face like the eternal Yin and Yang each making their respective claims for both of them. From the root at the center of all things, an alarm rang. It rang clear in the silence and the monkeys heard it and looked back and forth for someone who knew what it meant or what to do about it. Luke flinched and his being tensed as if it was ready to explode like a ball of cold flame. Mike thought of his fiery will. He anticipated the moment of attacking Luke, and oddly felt nothing at it. Sure, some part of him would prefer that no one make innuendo about Gabby ever gain, but that played no part in his readiness. He only knew that Luke, at this moment, hated Josh more than he had hated anything that ever existed, and that he would destroy Josh and everything else if given the chance, and that he, Mike, could not allow that to happen. On Mike’s desk, the phone rang. This was new, as the phone never rang. For that matter, up until that moment there had not been a phone. Come to think of it. Mike wasn’t entirely sure what a phone did. Josh stepped away from Luke and picked up the phone. “Josh,” he said, and listened to the soft buzz of the other person. Mike couldn’t mak ЁݡЁѡݕɔͅ她q5tͅ))͠ѡqe׊eɔɔѡӊé啐tQ)ѕͽɔqɥа'eɥݸt!չ)ѡ)5Ёѡ݅́ɔѡЁЁ)ͬɕٕȁѡЁٕȁ́Ёɔ!)Ё)͠ݡ݅́Ёq]eٔЁѡ̰5)!ٔɥtQѡ Ս݅́ѡɔݥѠ́Ae) )ѡݥѡЁٕѡ͡܁ͅɅ)͠)1խݕɔȁѡɔQ́ɕݥ)ѡ͕ٕ́Ёѡȁ́ѡ)́ѽѡȁչͽQɡѡѡȁ)Ѽѡɡѡѡ݅́ݕ() Ѡѡ́ɕ䁄ɽͅаѡа)ՉȁЁѡЁЁЁѡɽ́ɽ䁽)ѕ%ЁѡȁȰȁݥܰȁɕ̰((