Unnamed Journal 7 - Page 10

we do.You have some other use for your time?” “Come on, Mike.You’re better than that.” Mike stood up, the urge to battle rising with him. “Don’t you tell me about what I’m better than.You don’t get to define ‘better’ when you blow up a stack of monkeys just to wave your status in my face.” “Balls,” said Luke. “You’re the one keeping them here, making them waste their time slapping their nuts against keys to produce meaningless slush.You’re exploiting their very existence, and you’re not even producing anything!” Mike’s will came forth again like a blade in his hand, burning like the plasma core of unborn stars. He shoved his desk aside and charged forward. Luke sprang instantly away and Mike went at the first monkey in his line of sight, a red-bellied titi. With a stroke that seemed to cut the very heart of reality he removed the titi’s head so hard that it popped up in the air like a volleyball. With another swing he batted the head through a pane of glass that two gorillas had brought over at just that moment, across parsecs of empty space, and right back to the still-flailing titi’s body. It reattached itself instantaneously and the monkey loaded another sheet of paper into the typewriter. Shards of shimmering glass from the window dropped prettily through existence, becoming a soft rain underneath that watered the trees of life. The gorillas beat their chests noisily and then waved middle fingers at Luke. “Meaninglessness cuts both way 276R( 6B֖R( Ė`R6&rFVWBFW&V6R&6FVv@fVRFW2FV"FRfS( ФVR7FBWB2WW2vW&R2&62FRF&W7@VBbƖfRFRVB&WB&'FvVFR6Vf66WF66W2FW&RFVFƗGV^( 2WW06VVVBF6FBRvVBvƖvǒFWfW"WfW'FpFBWfW"v2"B&VV"v&R֖RfVBFRVVBFGF6F6RWW2F7ƗBFV'BvF&b06'fW'v'WBB76VB&V6W6RFRFW"FrPfVBv2fV"fV"bFRG&VBBVFW72FB6@R֖BFR'2bW7FV6RB6VBB&PFW7G&VBBv6( BWfVFW&RBǒ6V@WfW'FrFBv2BFW&RBv2V^( 2WW2RbFR&6WG2VVBFf"F2GWw&FW ( Ć2"v2vB( 2B&FRvB( 0B6vW&R2WW2v67&VBƖPW76W"f&W2bFRV֖W66V6R( ЦBfVFFRW2RG&VBFV&6WB'W@֗7VFW'7FB26FBǒvVBFvWB6V`&R7GV6FW"&6WG26R&VB6RG&VBFVWB'WBFW'27F'FVBGrFw2F2f6PFW&Rv2V֖^( 2FW6( FBRWBFBFW&S( ФVRGW&VBFBB( ( Ф֖RVB&WBf"FRVW"'WBFF( B6VR( FBP6VRVW.( c( Ю( vCVFRV( Ф֖RVVBBvFW72W6FFBW726F6f7FR&V@FR6FVG2VWFǒFVvfRw&fRB( vV( 6BVR( ŖRvBFV"GFVFF22vrF&&G&F( ФVR7FBW( &&G&FFN( >( gvB2FC( Ф֖RFVvBf"֖WFR( Ē7GVǒF( Br6VG2ff6FVv( Ю( vVb6W'6RN( 2ff6N( 2g&g&Bff6^( d&RFWFrF2F2&&G&F( Ю( ĒwVW726B626VRg&g&Bff6R26֖rWFFRfW"( Ю( v( Ф֖RVBBFRVv( 622R26( fRWfW WB'WBV"^( 2&rFVFR&v旦F( Ю( Ğ( fRV&Bb2vV'WBF( B~( g6WFr&W@F>( fBFW6( N( n( ФVRv2FW''WFVB'FR'&fb6v6Rg&FP6FRF&V7F2RB&6rWg&FR&BbFw2fvr&VbƖvBFB'W'7BWg&&Vr2P6RFRW2vVB7FGrBB&Vf&P&WGW&rFFV"v&2RfVB7BFVF26W6VBBb&RfrF&VvFRGr7BW666VFW'BFFR7F66F&FvVR'&fVB&F֖PBVRvF6VBvFBbG&VBF֗&F2