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From Life Transformation the inside out C hallenge of F aith Faith imagines the future materialised in the present. It is a kind of energy, unlimited and powerful, that everyone can access for free but not everyone is aware of. And even among those who know they have this power within them, many do not know how to use it in a practical way. it work for you? You can learn more about this efficient method in our daily meetings. You are invited to take part in this challenge and try something new and unique! Check our timetable and the address of your nearest Universal Church on page 14. Source: UCKG.org SO, HOW MAKE THE MOST OF THIS ENERGY? In order to produce effective results, faith must be followed by actions. It is not enough to have faith and simply wait for everything to fall into place. To have an intelligent kind of faith is to believe that you will conquer what you want and break down any barrier that may arise, but be aware that you need to take the necessary steps. It’s like a partnership between you and God. First, you do what is within your reach, then He does what is beyond your reach. This is the concept behind the Challenge of Faith. You will challenge yourself to do something different by using your faith believing that, in the same way, God will do something different and extraordinary in your life. This is exactly what the people you are reading about in this magazine did. If it worked for them, why couldn’t ‘I came to the realisation that I had lived my whole life in church and didn’t know God. So, I decided I wanted to change my life because I felt stuck. Through the messages I was hearing about self-acceptance, my eyes were opened.’ Shortly after Winfred made the decision to accept her Challenge of Faith and take the necessary steps to develop her spiritual life, she received the inner peace she had always craved. ‘The joy was unexplainable,’ she said. ‘Now I am no longer insecure or worried about what others think of me.’ Winfred Vumba 9 MY CHALLENGE OF FAITH ROSANGELA GOZI ‘There was nothing I wanted more than inner peace. I couldn’t sleep well at night; I struggled to control my anger and stress. Through the Challenge of Faith, I found the strength to overcome my inner struggles. Today I’ve found inner peace and I am happy!’ JONPAUL MAXWELL ‘I didn’t believe in myself, nor did I have any direction for my life. The Challenge of Faith helped me to rediscover my value. Today, I don’t allow difficulties to limit me.’ ZULMIRA VILELA ‘After my divorce, I lost faith in love. The Challenge of Faith not only pushed me to overcome the hurt that came with the end of the relationship, but also helped me to understand what true love is. So much so, that today I am happily married.’