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From the inside out ONE WORD 7 can transform everything! Words have power. Many people do not understand the impact that their words can have on themselves and on others. A simple choice of words can make a difference in someone’s life. They can bring into existence that which did not exist before or leave destruction in their wake. Even the words you choose to speak about yourself hold an importance beyond measure. It is important for you to realise the power of every word you speak. It is as vital to look after your mind as it is your body. As you would nourish your body with fruit and vegetables, your mind too deserves to be filled with nourishing and positive words. In the same way that a negative word is enough to leave a damaging impact on one’s life, a constructive word can spark hope enough to provoke a positive turnaround. At the Universal Church, you will always hear a positive word – a word that gives strength, confidence, and promotes change. Come to one of our daily meetings and take possession of this word that is waiting for you! (See our timetable on page 14). ‘The Challenge of Faith was my lifeline’ A home full of arguments and resentment pushed Rhoda Adusei to find solace on the streets. Like many young people, she was lured into the wrong crowd and before long the influence of those around her impacted on everything she did. ‘G rowing up, I had a lot of pent-up anger and resentment because of my parents’ constant arguments and disagreements. Since I didn’t know how to deal with the repressed emotions, they quickly turned to deep sadness—a sadness that was accompanied by mind consuming, suicidal thoughts. people who were truly happy, and I wanted that too. I wanted to break the cycle of bad events in my life. This is why I decided to do whatever it took to also receive my own happiness and peace. I opened up to the advisors about what I had been through. I felt unburdened speaking out and the support I received encouraged me to believe that things could be different for me. The Challenge of Faith was like a lifeline for me. Choosing to take part was me proving to myself that I was ready to make the necessary changes to get my life back. on life. It was as though the gloomy cloud that seemed to hang constantly over my head had finally lifted. Slowly but surely, the way that I saw myself changed. I valued my life and understood that, despite everything that I’d been through, I could have a bright future. I cut out all the things that only brought me trouble, including people, habits, or even places. I decided that anything that didn’t reflect the new person that I was I came to the Universal Church trying to become, had to go. feeling desperate. A friend had Within a matter of weeks, I saw introduced me to it. There, I met changes in my overall outlook In time, I went on to form a better relationship with my parents and, the more I changed, the more I saw improvements in my family as a whole. Today, I can say that I have a blessed relationship with my family; I no longer feel down and I always look forward to the It didn’t help that my boyfriend at the time (who was twice my age) was physically and emotionally abusive. This only exacerbated my insecurities. In the following years, things worsened; I was abused, began self-harming and fell pregnant, only to lose the child after being assaulted by my then boyfriend. It seemed like every event in my life led me down a never-ending spiral of misery. future regardless of the hard times because I know God is in me and with me. My advice to anyone going through anything similar to what I’ve been through is to give yourself a chance. Your past doesn’t have to define your future. Go forward and don’t look back. It may be difficult, but it won’t be impossible and the Universal is the perfect place to help you take that first step. It worked for me, so why wouldn’t it work for you?’ Rhoda Adusei