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4 Editor’s note Good News Near You H ow often do you read negative news that deflates you and leaves you feeling glum? ‘More often than not’ is the common answer. It is usual to turn the pages of a newspaper or to switch channels on the television only to be confronted with negativity, so much so, that positive news is becoming increasingly rare. But contrary to how things may seem, there is good news near you! Throughout this magazine, you will read positive stories from people who have attended Universal branches around the country (find your nearest branch on page 14). These people decided to challenge their faith in order to achieve their goals. What was once bad news became good news. Be inspired by their stories and see if you too can benefit from the concept of the Challenge of Faith (find out more on pages 8 and 9). In a world where happy news is not as common as sad news, we want to spread courage and optimism and to help everyone who comes across our path to be aware of all the great possibilities and opportunities that are available to them. We want good news to spread and we want your story to be a part of it! True happiness from within ‘I was always in pursuit of happiness. On the outside I looked content and confident but the truth was, inside I was very insecure, always comparing myself to others. Every other guy looked and seemed better than I did. My complexes played on my mind constantly and that often left me feeling lonely and empty because I felt I couldn’t show this side of myself. So, this quest for true happiness lead me on a wild goose chase that seemed to always end up in disappointment. I thought that if I married I would be happy but when I did, I still felt as though something was missing. Physically I was no longer by myself but inside, I still felt lonely and couldn’t understand why. I had a good job, a new car, a beautiful home— everything the average person would ask for—and yet, I was unhappy. At the Universal, they helped me understand that my problem wasn’t external. It wasn’t about finding someone or being part of a social group. I had to deal with the root cause of why I felt empty. Through the Challenge of Faith, I came to know that what was lacking inside of me was faith—in God but especially in myself. From then, I worked on my character. I went against myself and the way that I saw certain things. I realised that I didn’t need to compare myself to anyone—I am unique and that’s a good thing. I went to all the wrong places in hope of filling the void. I visited brothels and started drinking a lot of Today, I have the peace and happiness that alcohol. Needless to say that this wrecked I had sought for my whole life. The inner my marriage and we ended up divorcing. change turned me into a better husband for my wife and made me more driven in life. I remarried hoping to get things right the I’m happily married with a great job and second time around but this time, it was most importantly, I no longer feel empty.’ a lot worse. We would constantly fight to the point of breaking things in the house. My finances nose-dived and finally, I recognised that I needed help. Marcelo Amaral I was encouraged to go against myself' YOU DON’T NEED TO PRETEND THAT EVERYTHING’S OK Talk to us! 24-HR HELPLINE: 020 7686 6000