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Family 13 The importance of communication in families W ith each day, week and month that passes, we become busier and busier with all our responsibilities and duties that the feeling of frustration and the words ‘I have no time’ become something we say almost every day for everything we are not able to do. 2.Sit together during meals (no phones at the table – communicate face to face) 3.Find out how each other’s day has gone 4.Create opportunities to speak Staying committed to these four simple steps will certainly bring your We want to do and make time for family closer together. everything; we wish we could stop the clock, but that’s impossible. Blimath da Silva can relate to this; However, it is possible to make today, he has a happy home, but it the most of our free time in a way wasn’t always this way. Continue that can strengthen our families. reading to find out his story. Investing in family time is one of our greatest priorities one can have. The Universal holds meetings aimed at tackling family issues Here are some tips on and relationships through how you can make the prayerful support and practical most of your free time: tips. Join us every Thursday at 7am, 10am, 3pm, or 7.30pm (main 1.Seek to do things together meeting). See page 14 for our at least once a week or at the addresses. weekends ‘A Challenge of Faith reunited my family’ ‘M y parents separated when I was only three years old and this affected me greatly. I didn’t feel loved. My upbringing was very difficult, so I began to hate my parents. I was then sent to boarding school, where I stayed for five years. I would only go home twice a year and, when I moved back home, our relationship was very cold. Growing up, I thought that leaving my country would change everything. When I saw an advert in the newspaper about a job in the UK, that was the perfect opportunity to leave everything behind. So, I left Portugal to work but my mother and I did not part on good terms. The rift was so bad that I cut all communication with her; I neither spoke to her nor travelled back home to visit her. The first time I understood that the grudge I held towards her was only hurting me was at the Universal Church. It hurt because I didn’t want to do it, but I understood that I needed to set myself free—how long would I accept carrying hate inside? Deep down, I wanted us to have a good mother-son relationship. Forgiving wasn’t easy, but what spurred me to really do it was the Challenge of Faith; it was one of the things I chose to sacrifice to be a better me. Initially, my mother didn’t accept my apologies, but I persevered and, with time, she accepted and we made peace. Little by little, we worked on our relationship and today our relationship is completely different. My mother and I speak almost every day and, from time to time, I go back home to visit her. As I continued to attend the meetings at the Universal, I began to have an inner peace that I h a d never had before; there was a difference in me from the inside out. But it doesn’t finish there – today I am also happily married. My wife completes me and I am truly happy!’ Blimath Da Silva