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10 Love 1 You panic You start crying, then you update your Facebook status letting everyone know about it. It’s normal for you to have an emotional reaction to an unexpected problem but in the case of someone who panics, this reaction persists and sadness sets off anxiety. 3 WAYS 2 You leave everything down to hope You tell yourself, ‘I don’t know how to solve this problem, so I’m going to hope for the best.’ Sometimes we think the solution is out of our reach and that all we can do is believe that things will get better. In most cases we have this reaction, we are just being lazy. The only reaction that really brings a solution to the problem is the following: people react to problems 3 You act intelligently You decide to put your faith into practise immediately with the following mindset: ‘No problem! I’m going to fight back by starting to look for ways to change this right now.’ Unfortunately, very few people react like this! But if you want to conquer your problems, you have to face them. You can’t give up on your goals or become sentimental about every difficulty that crosses your way. You must believe that there are ways to overcome problems! Source: uckg.org ‘Her faith influenced me’ M ariana: ‘I was going through a very rough patch in my life. There were problems in my family, I felt troubled and anxious. At the same time, Gustavo was facing financial problems. Nothing was happening in his life and it left him with a deep sadness and low self-esteem. He didn’t know how to help me, nor could I help him. My aunt who attends the Universal, encouraged me to get help there and I did. I was warmly received and began to learn how to tackle and overcome my problems. I was very excited about this opportunity for change that seemed to have worked for so many people, but Gustavo was not interested. That frustrated me. I realised that this big difference in the way we thought and our goals was not healthy for our relationship; it was creating a distance between us. At first, my attitude was to try to convince him at any cost that he should attend the meetings with me so that we could fight together to overcome our problems. I thought if I was pushy and nagging, he would understand There was also a big change in her, she was much calmer, happier and confident. The way she acted upon her beliefs began to influence me in a good way. I could see her life changing for the better and though I was stubborn to admit it, I wanted the same. I didn’t want mine to remain the same, so I decided to put my pride aside and attend the Universal meetings with her. 1 year into Mariana and Gustavo’s relationship, they faced various issues that they didn’t know how to resolve. Mariana sought help, but Gustavo was not willing to do the same. This eventually created a rift between them. how important the guidance was for both of us, but that didn’t work. If anything, it would only irritate him all the more. Among the things I was learning, I heard about the method of the Challenge of Faith and I decided to try it for myself. Taking part in it gave me the assurance that God could do what I could not do and also make Gustavo understand what I could not explain to him. And that’s I could see her life changing for the better’ exactly what happened.’ Gustavo: ‘I was completely unhappy with my life, but I was so discouraged that I did not believe that anything offered at the Universal could help me. It seemed so unrealistic so I would always turn down Mariana’s invitations. She was trying to show me the opportunity I was missing, but I was too upset by her insistence that I isolated myself. But little by little I began to notice that she stopped pestering me to go with her. At the same time, it was impossible for me not to notice that the more she attended, the better the situation in her family became. I understood that in order to achieve my goals, I had to put my faith into action. This meant that I had to go against my sadness and fight with confidence for the things I needed, for example, a new job. It was only after I did this that things started to improve for me. I got a good job, regained my self-esteem and learned to overcome obstacles with an intelligent faith. Thanks to the Universal’s help and support, we have managed to overcome our difficulties and now work together to build our lives.’ Mariana: ‘Today, my family is blessed, as is my marriage with Gustavo. We are a team and happy!’ Gustavo & Mariana Figueiredo