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. Preparing Autos for Winter Union County GA Magazine Holiday & Winter 2018-19 . www.unioncountymag.com Page 31 Name these Christmas Songs Answers page 33 As winter approaches and the By Erik Ekeberg thought of severe weather gets closer, we need to think about preparing our let you know if you need to think about replacing your battery now or in the automobiles. With no public transportation in the future. There is still no guarantee mountains, we are very dependent though that your battery will not have on our automobiles and a little a dead cell and fail any time after you have it checked, which maintenance will go a is why most recommend long way. replacing a battery if it is Simple things to five years or older. check is adjusting your Another thing we start tire pressure to ensure to see this time of year your cold tire pressure and through winter is is above the minimum rodents getting in the tire pressure. As the engine compartment cooler weather moves and doing damage to in your tire pressure certain components. It is drops and often times if very common for them falls below the minimum to damage electrical pressure and your tire wiring and/or build a warning light appears. nest inside the blower The antifreeze in motor. Unfortunately I your vehicle is one of have not heard of an the most vital County absolute deterrent to components during the Hwy. 515 in Union photo/NormC keep the rodents away. colder months. Inadequate antifreeze could cause What we suggest is to not keep any excessive damage to the engine food or old packaging in your vehicle including possible cracking of the block and if you park in a garage keep all and/or excessive rust inside the pet food contained and anything that motor. The antifreeze should be may attract the rodents contained. Your vehicle may need one or all checked at least once a year for the freezing point and the cleanliness of of the items addressed or everything the fluid. Unfortunately we have seen may check good, but having a routine vehicles towed in and the engine inspection on your vehicle could save frozen solid because there was not you a lot of extra costs down the road. enough antifreeze and that is a little Simple and inexpensive items such as good windshield wiper blades, too late to winterize the vehicle. Another item is battery winter windshield washer fluid, an ice maintenance. Extreme hot and scraper and a safety kit with a blanket extreme cold weather puts your could make winter travel a lot safer battery to the test. A quick load test will and less stressful. City of Blairsville Downtown Development Authority Darren Harper Program Manager www.downtownblairsville.com 62 Blue Ridge Street Blairsville, GA 30514 706.994.4837 Blairsville City Hall Listen to Dr. Larry Morning Brew 8am weekdays Stream on the internet Beautiful Music www.wucg.org 706-781-1400 Dr. Larry Flegle, General Manager WUCG931@windstream.net Tax Problems Unfiled Returns Notices Leins Removed Garnishment Audit OIC Questions Tax Solutions