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. Wide Range of Cooking Ranges Page 20 Are you looking to dress up your kitchen this year? Or would you like a new stove to show off you cooking prowess? Many people upgrade their range this time of year to get ready for the many holiday dinners coming up. Here are a few basic tips to consider. What type of range do you prefer? Gas, Electric or Dual Fuel? Gas ranges are what the professionals use for the stove-top cooking. The heat is easily controlled and consistent. It is especially good for canning. For a gas range, you should consider a convection range or dual fuel (gas top, electric oven). Plain gas ranges have uneven heat distribution with cool spots and hot spots making baking an adventure. Convection adds a fan to the oven which evenly distributes the heat. Electric ranges are the most common. Basically there are three styles of cook tops: Coil which has been around for years and tend to be best for canning. Smooth top, which is the glass top with heat elements underneath. They are easier to clean the coil top ranges, but are usually slow to heat up and cool down making precise temperature control a problem. The third and newest type is Induction. This top looks like the smooth top but uses magnets to heat the pan. (The science is pretty cool) Heating and cooling is quick. They are easy to clean. Dual fuel ranges use gas for the cooking surfaces and electricity to heat the oven cavity. This gives you the best of both worlds. You need to know the style you want. The most common is a “Free- Union County GA Magazine Holiday & Winter 2018-19 By David Montgomery Standing” range. These will have the familiar control panel/clock on the back of the range. The sides are finished so it could be exposed on an open end of your cabinets. The next is a Slide-In. These are usually for islands where you don’t want a control panel sticking up above the counter. The controls are on the front and it has a pan drawer on the bottom. The least common, but found in some older houses, is a Drop-In range. These require a cabinet base to sit on. A convection range has a fan in the oven that circulates the air around the inside of the oven to get a more even cooking temperature. This allows you to cook faster at a lower temperature. Dual oven ranges give you a small range on top where you do most of the cooking and a larger cavity on the bottom to prepare larger items like turkeys and roasts. The advantage of the smaller range is by only heating the small oven, you are saving energy and it heats faster. The personal part of the decision is style. Each brand tends to have its own look and feel, so just step back and think, “Will this look good in my kitchen?” Be ready for the holidays by choosing a range that will enhance your skills and the look of your kitchen. . www.unioncountymag.com ulihelisdi hunadetiyisgvi nole ulihelisdi atse hadetiyihv Merry Christmas and Happy New Year The following Cherokee words are from the Middle dialect as spoken by the Eastern band on the Qualla Boundary (giduwa). Cherokee communities borrowed the southern custom of celebrating Christmas with fireworks. Santa Claus is called “he shoots [usually translated as ‘He shoots fire crackers’]”, or distayohi. Jesus Christ is translated as Tsisa, a phonetic pronunciation. The two most common Cherokee Christmas greetings are Tsisa kohi-iga adehvga and ulihelisdi danistayohihv. The first, Tsisa kohi-iga adehvga, is straightforward: “Jesus today is born.” The second means “We rejoice that they go shooting,” often contracted to danistayohihv “they go shooting.” This may refer to fireworks or hunting, common practices on Christmas Day. “Merry Christmas” translates as ulihelisdi hunadetiyisgvi. It transliterates as “The three [The Trinity] of them [are] having a happy birthday.” dohhe gaschast alohe, “Peace on Earth” translates literally as “Peace possesses [the] earth/world.” “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!” ulihelisdi hunadetiyisgvi nole ulihelisdi atse hadetiyihv Cherokee is polysynthetic, tonal language belonging to the Iroquoian group. Individual words are almost like sentences. Cherokee has three traditional dialects. The Lower dialect is extinct. The Middle dialect is spoken by the Eastern band on the Qualla Boundary, not far from Union County. The Overhill, or Western dialect, is spoken in Oklahoma and by the Snowbird Community in North Carolina. Mistletoe at Christmas Mistletoe was the magical ingredient in the kissing ball or kissing bough in Victorian England. Made of a round frame trimmed with ribbons and ornaments and often holding a tiny nativity, mistletoe was affixed to the bottom and the ball was the hung from rafters or the ceiling. Guests at holiday parties, weddings and other festive occasions then played kissing games beneath the ball and a kiss beneath the decoration was said to bring good luck and lasting friendship. Mistletoe grows on trees including willow, apple and oak. The tradition of hanging it in the house goes back to the times of the ancient Druids. It is supposed to possess mystical powers which bring good luck to the household and wards off evil spirits. It was a sign of love and friendship in Norse mythology and that's where the custom of kissing under Mistletoe comes from.