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or ed It lure 1. The SmartPeg™ is attached to the im- plant. It screws effort- lessly into the implant’s internal thread. 2. The hand-held probe stimulates the SmartPeg magnetically, without actu- ally being connected to it – or even touching it – and the value is displayed in a second. OSSTELL – mätinstrumentet för att säkerställa att implantat The ISQ Scale – a global standard är tillräckligt stabila för att belastas. ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient) is a measurement scale for use with the RFA (Resonance Frequency Analysis) method of determining implant stability and osseointe- gration, presented on a clinically useful scale of 1-100 ISQ. The ISQ scale correlates perfectly with micro- motion: the higher the ISQ, the more stable the implant. Here is how the Osstell ISQ works and what it achieves SmartPeg™ fästs på implan- tatets innergänga (4-6 Ncm). Sonden stimulerar SmartPeg™ magnetiskt – utan att röra vid det. Värdet presenteras direkt på enheten. The Osstell ISQ instrument stimulates a SmartPeg mounted on the implant, by emitting magnetic pulses. These cause the SmartPeg to resonate at certain frequen- cies depending on the stability of the implant. This is a wireless non-invasive and completely objective technique. The SmartPegs have been calibrated in such a way that Osstell ger dig även NYHET they all show comparable values for the same degree of underlaget du behöver för dialog med dina stability. osstell IDX implantatpatienter. ART.NR: 101000 A summary of > 500 articles En sammanfattning av över 500 artiklar ISQ has a non-linear correlation to micro motion. Micro motion decreases >50 % from 60 to 70 ISQ 60 65 70 Low Stability Medium Stability High Stability Indication Surgical protocol Restorative protocol Implant at risk - monitor ISQ Full Splint IL Partial Single 2-stage 1- or 2-stage 1-stage Traditional Early Immediate ISQ The ISQ scale makes it possible to establish a standard clinical range of 1-100. More than 500 ISQ scale makes it based possible establish a standard studies The have been conducted on to RFA measurements and clinical the ISQ range scale. of A 1-100. searchable More 500 studies have been conducted based on RFA measurements and the database can than be found at www.osstell.com/scientific-forum ISQ scale. A searchable database can be found at www.osstell.com/scientific-forum TIPS! För implantat från Certain 3.25 Använd Smartpeg Typ 45 Art.nr: 100472 Certain 4.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 15 Art.nr: 100386 Certain 5.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 15 Art.nr: 100386 Certain 6.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 15 Art.nr: 100386 External 3.25 Använd Smartpeg Typ 01 Art.nr: 100353 SMARTPEG GUIDE För att se vilken Smartpeg som passar just ditt implantatsystem – se vår hemsida: unident.se Beställ i vår webbshop: shop.unident.se beställ av vår kundtjänst: tel. 0346-73 24 00 External 3.75 Använd Smartpeg Typ 01 Art.nr: 100353 External 4.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 01 Art.nr: 100353 External 5.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 01 Art.nr: 100353 External 6.0 Använd Smartpeg Typ 01 Art.nr: 100353 28 | SIDAN