Unident Kirurgikatalog Kirurgikatalog 2017 - Page 16

ns Restorations, Restorations, & & Laboratory Laboratory Analogs Analogs estorations d usal protrusive forces PreFormance in lateral and protrusive ® Post* n tions the provisional restorations GingiHue ® Post* Restorative Platform Description tions nts of integrated implants Restorative Platform Description 7 12 h 7 3.4 mm(P) h 4.1 mm(P) h 5 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) 5 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) 6 mm(EP) 2 mm(H) profile 4.1 X mm(P) 6 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) nium Alloy Connection profile 3.4 mm(P) 7 3.8 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) 3.8 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) profile 5 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) 5 mm(EP) 4 mm(H) 5 X mm(P) 6 mm(EP) IMPAPF34 X 2 mm(H) IMPAPF34 Item # # 6 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) Item Straight Straight IMPAPF36 6 mm(P) Pre-Angled 15º Pre-Angled 15º IMPAPF36 IMPFP36 P = Restorative Platform EP = Emergence Profile H = Collar Height Item # Indications: Item # • Single and Straight multi-unit porcelain fused to metal 15º Pre-Angled Straight Pre-Angled 15º restorations 3.8 MAP32G mm(EP) X MPAP32G 4 mm(H) • Areas of IMPFP34 IMPAPF34 thin tissue where gingival discoloration is possible 3.8 MAP34G mm(EP) X MPAP34G 6 mm(H) IMPFP36 IMPAPF36 P P = = Restorative Platform Restorative Platform • Preparable to follow gingival contours 5 mm(EP) X 4 PAP452G mm(H) IMPFP354 IMPAPF354 APP452G EP = = Emergence Profile EP Emergence Profile • Conventional crown and bridge procedures 5 mm(EP) mm(H) IMPFP356 IMPAPF356 • Maximum angulation correction of 15º APP454G X 6 PAP454G H H = = Collar Height Collar Height • Minimum interarch space of 6mm APP462G PAP462G APP464G PAP464G Material: Item # Item # Drivers, Screws & Miscellaneous Items 5 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) IPFP454 IPAPF454 Item Numbers Item (Straight) Numbers (15° Pre-Angled) Item Numbers (15° Pre-Angled) IMPFP34 Item # # Item P = Re EP = Em H = Co 5 mm(EP) mm(H) WPP552G X 6 PAP552G WPP554G WPP562G mm(EP) WPP564G Titanium Alloy PAP554G PAP562G mm(H) PAP564G 5 X 4 5 mm(EP) X 6 mm(H) IPFP456 IPAPF456 IWPFP554 IWPFP556 IPAPF554 IPAPF556 ® 6 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) WPP662G PAP662G 6 IMPAPF354 mm(P) IMPFP354 IMPAPF354 Torque Driver Kits IMPFP34 IMPAPF34 IMPFP34 IMPAPF34 6 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) WPP664G 6 mm(EP) X 4 PAP664G mm(H) IWPFP664 IPAPF664 IMPFP356 IMPAPF356 IMPAPF356 *The GingiHue Post does not include the screw. The final Gold-Tite Screw (UNISG) or the Titanium Hexed Screw (UNIHG) must be ordered Description Item # IMPFP36 IMPAPF36 IMPFP36 IMPAPF36 separately. 6 mm(EP) X 6 mm(H) IWPFP666 IPAPF666 Prosthetic Driver Kit NPSDK0 IMPFP354 IMPFP354 IMPAPF354 IMPAPF354 Material: PEEK Plastic Item Numbers Item (Straight) Numbers (15° Pre-Angled) Item Numbers (15° Pre-Angled) Contra Angle Torque Driver Kit *Includes Certain Titanium Hexed Screw NCATD0 IMPFP356 IMPAPF356 IMPFP356 IMPAPF356 ® Torque Driver Kit Certain ® NCATD0C ZiReal Post** IPFP454 IPAPF454 Contra Angle IPAPF454 lloy Connection Contra Angle Torque Controller, 10 Ncm TD-10 Indications: IPFP456 Resto Ʌѥٔ)%AA)%AA)Aљɴ͍ɥѥ)%ѕ)%A@)%AA)%A@)%AA+MձѤչ) ɄQՔ ɽȰ9)QɅɕѽɅѥ(иā@QɅ 履Ȩ)Aɕɵ)Qхմ)QɅ 履Ȩ+AɕɅѼQ)܁مѽ)%A@)%AA)%A@)%AA) ɄQՔ ɽȰԁ9(ԁ@`Ё ) @+ +5մѕɅɍٵ) Ʉ)`QՔ)ɥٕȁ %ѕ)!Q ݡѥՔ́ѕ)%ѕ(؁@(Ё ) @Ё%ѕѡѥɕѽɅѥ)IѽɅѥٔ)Aљɴ)IѽɅѥٔAљɴ)%]A@Ё%AA)%AA) ɄAɔѥ)!) Q (ԁ@+5᥵մձѥ)%]A@)%AA)%]A@)%AA)!ᕐ)9!ᕐ)!ᕐ)@%AA)`(Ё IэЁ]ɕ)] @)1܀؁QՔ)%ѥ)0Q%I\)%]A@؁%AA)5ѕɥ)%]A@)%AA)%]A@)%AA(Q)iIAЁ́ЁՑ)ѡ)͍ɕܸ1)QQՔ)Qє)Mɕ(U9%M))ѡ)Qхմ)!ᕐ)Mɕ(U9%!)))ɑɕ(̸)@(̸)@)%5AQ )%5AQ )%55Q L)%ѥIэЁ]ɕ-)0Q%I],)iɍ Ʌ)]ѠQхմ%ѕə)͕Ʌѕ((иā@)%AQ )%%Q L)!ɥٕȀи)Q@(ЁMШ%AQ )IM 8)%ѕ9յ)%ѕ(MɅФ)9յ̀ Aɔ)%ѕ9յ̀ Aɔ)%]A@)%AA)%]A@)%AA)!ɥٕȀԸ)Q@(1%]AQ )IM 8(ԁ@)%]AQ )%]Q L)%]A@Ё%AA)0Q%I\Mхɐ)%M<܁ѕȨ) )%]A@)%AA)%]A@)%AA(؁%AA)@(؁@)%]AQ )%]AQ )%]Q L)U 1)ѵШ)0Q%I\)M)%M