Unident Kirurgikatalog Kirurgikatalog 2017 - Page 14

1 mm(H) ANALOG 1 mm(H) AVTRYCKSTOPPAR/LAB 2 mm(H) 2 mm(H) 3.4 mm(P) 3.4 mm(P) Impression Copings 3 mm(H) 3 mm(H) 4 mm(H) 4 mm(H) 5 mm(H) 5 mm(H) # 6 mm(H) Item 6 mm(H) Pick-Up Impression Coping Restorative Description Platform MLOA001 MLOA001 • Limited interarch • Limited distance interarch distance INTERNAL • Angle correction • Angle with correction up to 40º with betwe up to MLOA002 MLOA002 ® MLOA003 MLOA003 Laboratory Analogs Certain I Material: Material: MLOA004 MLOA004 Abutment: Abutment: Alloy Titanium With Titanium Alloy Wi Twist Lock ™ Transfer Impression Coping Titanium Implant MLOA005 Laboratory Analogs MLOA005 Housing: Titanium Housing: Alloy Titanium Alloy Restorative Description Item # # MLOA006 MLOA006 Restorative Platform Males: Nylon Males: Item Nylon Platform 4.1 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) 3.4 mm(P) IMMILA 3.4 mm(P) 3.4 mm(EP) IMIC30 3.8 LOA001 mm(EP) IMIT33 Torque Level: Torque Level: 1 mm(H) 1 mm(H) 4.1 LOA001 mm(P) IILA20 20 Ncm 3.8 mm(EP) IMIC33 5 mm(EP) IMIT35 * 2 mm(H) 2 mm(H) LOA002 5 LOA002 ® 20 Ncm mm(P) IILAW5 4.1 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) IMIC35 4.1 LOA003 mm(EP) 6 LOA003 IIIC44 3 mm(H) 3 mm(H) mm(P) IILAW6 4.1 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) IIIC45 4.1 mm(EP) 4 mm(H) IIIC41 4 mm(H) LOA004 LOA004 6 mm(EP) IIIC46 4.1 mm(EP) (Non-Hexed) 5 mm(H) IIIC42 Indications: 5 mm(H) LOA005 LOA005 7.5 LOA006 mm(EP) IIIC47 5 mm(EP) * P = Restorative Platform 6 mm(H) IIIC12 6 mm(H) LOA006 • Tissue supported removable overdentures on 2-4 im 5 mm(P) 6 mm(EP) IIIC60 EP = Emergence Profile 5 mm(EP) IWIT50 • Partially edentulous overdentures with one or more H = Collar Height 7.5 mm(EP) IIIC75 5.6 mm(EP) IWIT55 *Included with *Included each abutment: with each abutment: • Limited interarch distance 5 mm(P) 6 mm(EP) IWIT56 5 mm(EP) IWIP50 GingiHue ® Post* ® 7.5 mm(EP) IWIT57 divergent i • Angle correction with up to 40º between 5.6 mm(EP) IWIP55 * 6 Item mm(P) 6 Indications: mm(EP) IWIT60 6 mm(EP) IWIP56 Restorative Platform Description Item # # • Single and multi-unit porcelain fused to IWIT66 metal 6.8 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) IWIP57 3.4 mm(P) Straight Pre-Angled 15º restorations 6 mm(P) 7.5 mm(EP) IWIT67 6 mm(EP) IWIP60 Seating Surface 3.4mm 3.8 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) MAP32G MPAP32G • Areas of thin tissue where gingival discoloration 6.8 mm(EP) IWIP66 * MAP34G is Collar possible 3.8 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) MPAP34G Height *Vanligast använda 7.5 ® mm(EP) IWIP67 Preparable follow gingival contours 4.1 mm(P) Housing and Housing White White Black and Final Black Male Final Male LOCATOR Light LOCATOR Light Extra • Light Extra to Light 3.4 mm(P) LOCATOR Cement-Retained Restorations Abutments Certain Internal External Hex Conventional crown and procedures APP452G PAP452G Spacer Connection Ring bridge Spacer Ring Retention Male Retention Retention Male • Connection Male Retention Male Collar Height P • = Maximum Restorative Platform Restorative Platform angulation correction P of = 15º APP454G PAP454G H = Collar Height H = Collar Height • Minimum interarch space of 6mm 2mm APP462G PAP462G 1mm IMLOA001 MLOA001 P = Restorative Platform APP464G PAP464G EP = Emergence Profile Material: ® 5 mm(EP) Male X Processing 2 mm(H) Male Processing 5 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) 6 mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) 6 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) Seating Surface Laboratory Analogs PROTESKOMPONENTER height Implant Laboratory Cement-Retained Restorations 1mm LOCATOR Abutments 3.4mm { Ordering Information Overdenture Overdenture Restorations Restorations 5 mm(P) Analogs LOCATOR INTERNAL height 2mm IMLOA002 3mm MLOA002 H = Collar Height Titanium Alloy 3mm IMLOA003 MLOA003 5 mm(EP) X LOCATOR 2 mm(H) WPP552G PAP552G LOCATOR Abutment Abutment Components Components Abutment* LOCATOR Abutment* 4mm Restorative Platform Item # 4mm IMLOA004 MLOA004 ® 5 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) WPP554G PAP554G GingiHue Post* 5mm IMLOA005 MLOA005 Item # 3.4 mm(P) IMMILA 6 # mm(EP) X 2 mm(H) iption Description Item Item # WPP562G Description Description PAP562G Item # Indications: 5mm Restorative Platform IILA20 Description Item # Item # 6mm IMLOA006 MLOA006 6 mm(EP) X 4 mm(H) WPP564G PAP564G 4.1 mm(P) Single and multi-unit porcelain fused to metal 4.1mm Seating Surface Impression Impression Coping (one Coping time use) (one time • use) LAIC1 LAIC1 3.4 mm(P) 6 mm(P) 3.4 mm(P) IILAW5 Straight Pre-Angled 15º 6mm 5 mm(P) restorations 1mm ILOA001 LOA001 LALA1 Laboratory Laboratory Analog Analog LALA1 m(H) 1 mm(H) IMLOA001 IMLOA001 6 mm(EP) WPP662G PAP662G 3.8 mm(EP) X X 2 2 mm(H) mm(H) MAP32G MPAP32G • Areas of thin tissue where gingival discoloration 6 mm(P) IILAW6 height IMLOA002 Seating Surface LOA002 LCTDR1 LCTDR1 Core Tool/Abutment Core Tool/Abutment Driver Driver 4.1mm 2mm ILOA002 m(H) 2 mm(H) 6 mm(EP) WPP664G PAP664G is possible 3.8 mm(EP) X X 4 4 mm(H) mm(H) IMLOA002 MAP34G MPAP34G height ® Driver Tip 24 Driver mm/30 Tip mm 24 mm/30 mm LOADT4/LOADT9 LOADT4/LOADT9 3mm ILOA003 LOA003 *The Post does not include the screw. The final Gold-Tite Screw (UNISG) or the Titanium Hexed Screw (UNIHG) must be ordered m(H) 3 GingiHue mm(H) IMLOA003 IMLOA003 height • Preparable to follow gingival contours 4.1 mm(P) Collar Height height separately. Replacement Replacement Housing Kit Housing LORHK LORHK 4mm Kit ILOA004 crown [L (۝[[ۘ[YHY\\HT H  HSSL T L”T L›J B BSSL ZY^[Y[B^[YX[\”[B \XBX[\‹BܙY[ \XBBܙY[QTBQTB(X^[][B[[][ۂܜX[ۂقMp[[B[[BSL BL BB[JT B[J BT M”T M›J BH BSSL BSSL BZY(Z[[][Bو [HQSB^HY][[ۂ^HYX[\”][[ۂ \XBX[\‹HYB \XBHYH[\\XHL QSBT H  HSSL T ”T [BSL J B[J BSSL [BTX[0 T “Y][[ۂY\X[Y[][[ۈT ”\X[Y[X[\ \XBX[\‹H[Š \XBH[“T“TT H  BX]\X[ZY H BH B[X][ۜ΂\X[Y[\X[Y[X[\ \XBX[\‹H]B \XH H][][B]BTT“TT’[YYU]QXXPX]Y[[B\ܚ\[ۂ][HšZY\ܘ]]H]ܛB[BJ BH BSL BSL BHT H  B ML”T ML¸( HY[B[][K][][\[ZX\ܘ][ۜ‘^HY][[ۂ^HY^[Y][[ۂ[B^[YX[\[BX[\‹HYSTHSTB H BJ B BSL SL (\\XH[][۝\HT H  B MM”T MMšZY\X[Y[\X[Y[\[’\[“RRB[JT B[J BT M(\YZ[[][B[\\XHو [HT T H  B M”T M›J B BSL ’SL šZYKB[B]\KB\[B]\[J B\B\Y[J B]BB]BT [JT H   B[J BT (Y\]Xœ\ܘ][ۜ[\YH\[Z]Y T BT M›J B BSL SL [[BKB[H M‘]\KH\ ]\[J B\ H \Y[J B]\Y]Hو L0TBTB[J B( HBX^[][B[[][ۂ H BJ BH BSL BSL BX[H^X[ۂX[H^X[ۂN MʊN Mʊ[JT H  B[J BT M T B ”T [BX]\X[J BTX[[J BSL SL و^YBܙB\ X]Y[وHܙB X]Y[]\K]\KB\[YHHܙ]˂H[[ U]H0ܙ]ŠSTH܈H \][][Bܙ]˜Bܙ\YT B  B ”T ‘[[X[H SRH]\\[[X–\ۚXHUԂ\[ZX]H][][H[H[\XB\\][KH[RYH\\[š[YHHܙ]˂H[[ U]Hܙ] STH܈H][][H^Yܙ] SRH]\Hܙ\YX[B\\][KYH[BYH[UZ[B]NTۙ΂MOBX\ L YB]NTۙ΂MOBX\ L YHUԈ0HۙΈ H\ •UNB^BYHXXPBX]Y[ X]Y[[YY]X]Y[]NTۙ΂MOBX\ L YB][[ۂX[B[΂Y][[ێ H\ N –TX[ B[΂Y][[ێH\ N ”\ܘ]]B]ܛBX]\X[SΈHY][[ێB\ N Y][[ۂX[B[UZ“ݙ\[\Bݙ\[\B\[ۜ\ۂ[ۜ•HX“ۂBYHX“و\”YH\Kو\\K]B[YY]XXX]Y[X\[“ۋR^Y][H’[X][ۜ΂(Xܘ]ܞHXX]Y\HX]Y[’[X][ۜ΂\ܘ]]H ˍ]ܛB\ܚ\[ۂ[J B[H[[][K][]][K][][\ܘ][ۜ”[ΈY][[ێH\ N ¸(8([B\[ZX\ܘ][ۜ“UԂP\ۙ[YN^BY][[ێK[B\ L H H K[‘HH\ UPP“UP̐“Z[[][H[\\و۝\[BQNYNH^BY\ (8(\\XBXB[][^BY][[ێ][[ێ K[L LH\XB[JT H H BT MUPP”\X“UP̐‘܈Y\]Xœ\ܘ][ۜ[\YH\[Z]Y(8(Z[[][B[\\XHق[B[\\[ۂP[”][[ۂSX[\‘ܙY[^B܈\B]ۋ\\[[[\[ 0][][B[JT B\\[J BT YNY][[ێK[H\ L 0]\[K\\[[“UP BUP X^[][H\ܘ][ۜ˜[[][ۈܜX[ۂو\ 0(8(Y\]X[\YB[Z]YԑQSB܂\B]ۋ\\[[[\[‚BBܙY[܂\B]ۋ\\[[[\[\ 0]\[K 0\H\ H[\[ B[J B B[J H][[ۂ(X^[][B[[][ۂقL0]\[K \[\[ B][[ۂB\ B 0 \[YY[\[ H]܂][[ۂH\ “X]\X[ X]Y[ BܙY[܈\B]ۋ\\[[[\[\ 0[JT B]B BPLŒ Š[YY]܂X]Y[ B[[X[H\[“UԂY[[X[B^BYUԂY^HYPLP]HT MXX[Y[[\^B]\X]B[]XBH[[YY]܂X]Y[ BX]\X[\[“Y[[X[H[B]\[K\[\[ B][[ۂB\ HTX[\ [YBHܙ]˂H[[ U]H0 Hܙ]ŠSTH܈H][][HSPP’^Yܙ] SRH]\Hܙ\Y\XB\X•SP”X\[”X\[X”][[ۂX[B][[ۂ][[ۂX[BX[B][[ۂX[B[\XH\[ZX][[ۂ\ۚXB]H][][B[HX\[\XBY܂[[ܜX[ۋ^BY][[ۂ[œ\\][K[X“Y Š[YY]܂X]Y[ B\XBHX•SLLBSLBY܈[[ܜX[ۋ^BY][[ۂ\[“X[B[B\X[Y[X[B\[“X[B][[ۂQH^[Y܂[[ܜX[ۋ^BY][[ۂ^[Y[BBBPLP•PL‘^[Y[H\X[Y[][][BX[H\\[[”Y܈[[ܜX[ۋ^BY K[][[ۂRPBX[BX[BBX[BH\X[Y[][]B[š\\ HܘB[J B^[Y\X[Y[Y[H[[\ܛ][][ۂB][]B[™ܘB\˜\ K[^[Y[B\X[Y[X[B Š[YY]܂X]Y[ B[HX[\‘ MLP•ML“X[\•PBX]Y[ ][[ۂY[[[BM 8$ML0Š ML8$̍L0B Š[YY]܈X]Y[ BTT\XBH\X K[ •LP•LX[\[X][ۜ΂HB][]B[™ܘH\ܘB\ K[B][]B[š\\ Xܘ]ܞBP[[”Y\ŒM 0QTBX΂\YۙY܂\[˜[][XZ[Z[B\ܘ]]B]ܛBX]\X[^YۋR^Y Š[YY]܂X]Y[ B][][B\\[[BMLBMLT8(\]ZY\ŒML0X΂\YۙY\[š][XZ[Z[B[YY]܂Xܘ]ܞHXX]Y\HX]Y[›ݙ\[\B[]܂\\[Z]X]Y[ Bو[\X[\[[B [[JB Bˍ[J BLˍH\ܘ][ۜž L M0] L 0›ݙ\[\B[]\\[Z]و\X[\[[H [[JB(B[H[][K][]\[œ\[XΈ\[‘\YۙY܈\[˜[][XZ[Z[B^H[\\YMP•M™\[‘UPP^HYUP̐¸(Z[[][BXHو [BP΂B\YۙY\[˜[][XZ[Z[Hݙ\[\B[[B]H[BHو L M0] L 0\›ݙ\[\B[܂]\\[Z]ق\X[\[[B [[JB][[ۈX[\‘^[Y\XB\X•͌P•͌“UPP\XBH H\X“UP̐¸(܂Y\]Xœ\ܘ][ۜ[\YH\[Z]YB[]\\[Z]›ق\X[\[[B [[JB\[œ\[œX[Y[Y܂\[˂QSBX[\“STB\[œ\[ŠۋR^YPHX]Y[˜\H\Y܈][\B[]ܙ]\]Z[Y\ܘ][ۜˈHUP BPHX]Y[\UP [YHB]Y[UԂ\ۙ[X]Y[\ۙ[•][][B\\[[¸(X^[][H[[][ۈܜX[ۈو 0ܙ]˂ HSLB[J B\ܚ\[ۂ\ܚ\[ۂ][H’][HX]\X[‘PLP‘PL“XX[Y[H[[\]\X[]XBR[[Y[“UԂ[\\[ۈ[ ۙH[YB[\\[ۂ\JB[ŠۙH H\X[YH\JBRPB\XBSPP•SPRPB[\XB\XH HX•SLLH0 BSLHSLBXܘ]ܞH[[“Xܘ]ܞB[[“SLBX]Y[ܙ]ŠPK[RYKTX[ QܛX[B^Y][][B\\[[•PLP•PLBܙH X]Y[]\ܙB X]Y[]\B\ܚ\[ۂ][H”X[Y[Yܜ]Y\‘[H[[\ܛ][][ۂH B]\\ ]\\Q QBQ QB U]B]X\Hܙ]•STMLPŒ̈BML°Y[[”[BM 8$ML0°^]\\ K[[Kˌ L[ ML8$̍L0BUԂܙH X]Y[]\\X[Y[\[]\X[Y[\[’]Ԓ“Ԓ“UԂX]Y[ ]\\ U]B^Yܙ]•SR“B\XH H\X•LP•L”Y\T  H  BM 0“BQ QB^[Y[HX[\ \XB^[YBܙY[[BX[\Š \XBBܙY[QTBQTBTBB B][][H^Yܙ]ŒB][][H\\[[SRMLBML\]ZY\ŒML0Š\Y]JH M^HY][[ۈX[\ \XB^HYYB][[ۈX[\ \XH HYHQSBQSB H BBLˍH L0] L 0”MP•MT“Y][[ۈ\X[Y[YX[\”][[ۂ \XH\X[Y[H[“X[\ \XBT‹H[[[H]HHو L M0] L 0\\XBH\X•͌P•͌TT”\X[Y[X[\ \XH\X[Y[H]BX[\Š \XBH]BTTœX[Y[Y܈\[˂YX\\[Y[˜\H[Z[[Y]\˂ۋR^YPHX]Y[\H\Y܈][\H[]ܙ]\]Z[Y\ܘ][ۜˈHPHX]Y[\[YHH[[X]Y^HY][[ۂ^[Y^B[BYX[\”][[ۂHY^[Y[HX[\“STBHYSTBܙ]˂\X[Y[\[”\X[Y[\[“RRYBXX^HH]Z[XH]YHوH[]Y]BKH]\\  H KBH\Y[H]]\B\  H H\Y]BT T QS M