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IMPLANTAT EX HEX Ordering Information EXTERNAL TAPERED ™ 3i T3 External Hex Parallel Walled Impla 3i T3 ® External Hex Tapered Implants BOET411 BOET411 3.25mm (D) 3.75mm (D) 4mm 6.5mm (L) BOES365 BOES3765 BOES4 BOET610 8.5mm (L) BOES385 BOES3785 BOES4 BOET511 BOET611 BOES411 BOES411 10mm (L) BOES310 BOES3710 BOES4 BOET413 BOET513 BOET613 11.5mm (L) BOES311 BOES3711 BOES4 BOET415 BOET515 BOET615 13mm (L) BOES313 BOES3713 BOES4 15mm (L) BOES315 BOES3715 BOES4 18mm (L) 5 BOES318 BOES3718 BOES4 3.25mm (D) 4mm (D) 5mm (D) 6mm (D) 8.5mm (L) BOET3285 BOET485 BOET585 BOET685 10mm (L) BOET3210 BOET410 BOET510 11.5mm (L) BOET3211 BOET411 13mm (L) BOET3213 15mm (L) BOET3215 3i 3.4 T3 With DCD ® External 4.1 Hex Tapered Implants 4.1 2.5 4mm (D) 8.5mm (L) BNET3285 10mm (L) BOET411 11.5mm (L) 2.5 13mm (L) 15mm (L) 3. 25mm(D) *** D = Diameter 2.7 5mm (D) .7 6mm (D) BNET485 BNET585 BNET685 BNET3210 BNET410 BNET510 BNET610 BNET3211 BNET411 BNET511 BNET611 BNET3213 BNET413 BNET513 BNET613 1.15 BOET411 2.7 3.25mm .7 (D) .7 2.8 .75 BNET415 BNET515 3. 75mm(D) BNET3215 2.7 .7 3i .75 685 610 611 613 615 (D) 685 610 3.25mm (D) 3.75mm (D) 4mm ( BNES365 BNES3765 BNES4 8.5mm (L) 3.1 BNES385 BNES3785 BNES4 10mm (L) BNES310 BNES3710 BNES4 11.5mm (L) BNES311 BNES3711 BNES4 13mm (L) BNES313 BNES3713 BNES4 15mm (L) BNES315 BNES3715 BNES4 18mm (L) BNES318 BNES3718 BNES4 6.5mm (L) BOES411 2.8 BOES411 BNET615 4mm(D) 5mm(D) L = Length IMPLANTAT EXTERNAL STRAIGHT X Ordering Information References 3i T3 External Hex Parallel Walled Implants (D) T3 With DCD External Hex Parallel W .5 ™ 1. Gobbato L, Arguello E, Martin IS, et al. Early bone healing around two different experimental, HA grit-blasted, and dual acid-etched titanium implan rabbits. Implant Dent 2012;21:454-460. http://biomet3i.com/resource Center/Brochures/3i T3 Scientific Study Summaries_ART1226.pdf. (D) R, et 3.75mm 4mm (D) scale ranges 5mm (D) 6mm (D) topography on the stability of the bone/implant interfac 2. Davies JE, Ajami E, 3.25mm Moineddin al. The (D) role of different of surface implant 2013;34(14):3535-3546. Epub 2013 Feb 14. http://biomet3i.com/resource Center/Brochures/3i T3 Scientific Study Summaries_ART1226.pdf. 3. Zetterqvist L, (L) Feldman S, Rotter B, BOES3765 Vincenzi G, Wennström JL, Chierico A, Stach BOES665 RM † , Kenealy JN † . A prospective, multicenter, randomized-contro 6.5mm BOES365 BOES465 BOES565 fully etched implants for the incidence of peri-implantitis. J Periodontol. 2010 April;81:493-501. 4. Gubbi P †† , Towse R †† , Quantitative and qualitative characterization of various dental implant surfaces. Poster Presentation P421: European Associa 8.5mm (L) BOES385 BOES3785 BOES485 BOES585 BOES685 Meeting; October 2012; Copenhagen, Denmark. (http://www.biomet3i.com/Pdf/Posters/Poster_421_EAO_Final.pdf). 5. Meredith N. Assessment of implant stability as a prognostic determinant. Int J Prosthodont. 1998 Sep-Oct;11(5):491-501. BOES411 BOES411 10mm BOES3710 BOES410 6. Meltzer AM † . (L) Primary BOES310 stability and initial bone-to-implant contact: BOES510 The effects on BOES610 immediate placement and restoration of dental implants. J Implan 7. Suttin Z †† , Towse R †† . Effect of abutment screw design on implant system seal performance. Presented at the European Association for Osseointeg Meeting; October Copenhagen, Denmark. http://biomet3i.com/Pdf/Posters/P-450_Effect_of_Screw_Design_on_Implant_Seal.pdf 11.5mm (L) 2012; BOES311 BOES3711 BOES411 BOES511 BOES611 8. Byrne D, Jacobs S, O’Connell B, Houston F, Claffey N. Preloads generated with repeated tightening in three types of screws used in dental implan 2006 13mm May–Jun;15(3):164-171. (L) BOES313 BOES3713 BOES413 BOES513 BOES613 9. Szmukler-Moncler S, Salama H, Reingewirtz Y, et al. Timing of loading and effect of micro-motion on bone-implant interface: A review of experime 1998;43:192-203. 15mm (L) BOES315 BOES3715 BOES415 BOES515 BOES615 Dr. Lazzara, Dr. Meltzer, Dr. Nevins and Dr. Östman have financial relationships with BIOMET 3i LLC resulting from speaking engagements, consulting enga services. 18mm (L) BOES318 BOES3718 BOES418 BOES518 BOES618 †† P. Gubbi, J Kenealy, R Stach, Z Suttin and R Towse contributed to the research while employed by BIOMET 3i LLC. † References 1-4, 7 discuss the BIOMET 3i OSSEOTITE ® and/or NanoTite ™ Implants’ dual acid-etched or DCD ® Technology, which is incorporated into References 5 and 6 discuss the External BIOMET 3i Hex Tapered Implant Walled macrodesign, which is incorporated into the 3i T3 Implant. 3i T3 With DCD Parallel Implants Beställ i vår webbshop: shop.unident.se 3.25mm tel. (D) 0346-73 3.75mm 24 (D) 00 beställ av vår kundtjänst: 11 | SIDAN For More Information, Please Contact Your Local BIOMET 3i S 4mm (D) 5mm (D) 6mm (D)