Underground Vision October edition - Page 4

Raven Nicole is a dancer, choreographer, instructor and overall entertainer

Raven began her dance training at the age of 3 with ballet. Since then, she has gone on to study jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap. At an early age, she was recognized for her undeniable stage presence, and soon realized that leadership was a role more suitable for her. Knowing this, she began choreographing for the Blue Diamonds of the Marching Powerhouse of Sound. This opportunity was then followed by the chance to direct and choreograph for the Universitiy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's very own first co-ed dance team, Kamikazi. While on Kamikazi, Raven was able to help the team become competitively undefeated, as well as establish association with Kodachrome, a community of talented artists devoted to "exposing dance". In an effort to further leave her footprints on North Carolina's dance community, soon after graduation Raven began teaching at both the Bravo Academy of Dance and Faulkner's Dance and Gymnastics. All of these accomplishments ultimately led her to establish her own studio, Heaven in Heels which promotes fitness, fun and femininity.

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