Underground Vision May Edition - Page 2

SmackDown Sports With the Smock

What’s up Smackdown nation? It’s your man Smocky back again for the May edition of Smackdown Sports for Underground Vision Magazine. So much to get into so the first stop is the suspension of the Super Bowl champions New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady of 4 games to start the 2015 season and the Patriots organization being fined 1 million dollars and the loss of a 2016 1st round draft pick and a 2017 4th round draft pick based off of the report and investigation performed by Tom Wells with the Wells Report. According to the 243 page report, the 4-time Super Bowl champion had general knowledge of the footballs in the AFC championship game being deflated below league standard and that Brady, nor were the equipment attendants Jim McNally or James Pystreski forth coming with information pertinent to the investigation and implicated Brady saying that he knew about the equipment being changed before the start of that playoff game and that there were text messages between Brady and both equipment personnel . When asked about the accusation at a speaking engagement at Salem University in Massachusetts, Brady stated that he had only 30 hours since the release of the report which was last week and had not fully digested to that point and then was asked after the question was posed if he thinks it will taint any of the four championships won by the Patriots during their dynasty and he then turned to the crowd and asked “What do you all think?” “Did it take away from us winning?” and then gave a nod as if to say to Jim Gray the titles won were earned fair square. Now for those of you who know the Smock you know that I root for the Patriots and have been a fan of the team and their star QB since 2001 with their upset of the Rams in the Super Bowl that year and feel that while yes Mr. Brady did have knowledge of the footballs being deflated, a four game suspension is excessive and is setting dangerous precedent for the NFL as a whole in terms of discipline and what they feel is important and what the league office takes as personal.

Tthe footballs being deflated, a four game suspension is excessive and is setting dangerous precedent for the NFL as a whole in terms of discipline and what they feel is important and what the league office takes as personal. Do I believe Brady should be suspended? Yes but only one game. Four games are too much and makes it seem in my eyes that Goodell is on a witch and has his panties in a bunch! This is nothing more than retribution for Spy gate and the fact that the NFL feels it didn’t do enough at that time to discipline the Patriots at that time back in 2008. Roger Goodell figures, this time I will get it right and make them pay! Many of the players around the NFL feel that this Goodell is not qualified to do the position of being a league commissioner nor carry the jock strap of any of the men who play this game and certainly not Tom Brady! He has definitely blown this investigation by bringing in this boob Ted Wells who was upset at the fact that Brady did not answer the same questions twice and feel Brady cooperated to the what he feels was acceptable that he basically sat there and wrote 243 pages of gibberish citing few facts and making some generalizations and the commissioner just ran with it and said okay four games without really thinking the situation through, which is the story of his leadership to date. Anyone who has ever played football knows that all quarterbacks have a preference for how they like the football to feel in their hands. Some like Aaron Rodgers, QB for the Green Bay Packers likes the football to be a little more inflated for throwing the ball long down the field, QB Eli Manning of the Giants likes to have the ball scuffed up, Hall of Fame QB Troy Aikman hated throwing a wet football and would constantly have the balls dried for gripping. My point is that every QB likes to have the ball to their preference but are not called cheaters or ridiculed throughout numerous outlets or having their legacy questioned by those of the media who have never played in the NFL. Brady is no cheater and has earned the right to be place up there in the history books with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana both 4-time Super bowl champions. Meanwhile the Patriots who according to the report were cleared of any wrong doings in the matter have been punished as an organization by the loss of a 1st round draft pick for the 2016 and a 4th