Undergraduate Housing Welcome Guide - Page 9

ASK FOR ASSISTANCE If you need help solving a problem involving your roommate(s), neighbors or clustermates, you can talk to your RA or RD. They will assist you in finding a solution on your own or, if necessary, will intervene when a situation cannot be resolved by dialogue and communication. PRIVACY AND SAFETY Resident safety is one of the UW’s highest priorities. Our safety policy was developed in conjunction with UW regulations and Washington State statutes regarding student privacy. HFS will not, under any circumstances, release room numbers or telephone numbers to any unauthorized person including friends, relatives and parents. Although this policy may seem inconvenient at times, it provides residents protection and a secure living environment within the UW. We encourage students to make sure their families and friends have their address, as well as their room and telephone numbers. Sustainability in the residential communities Ultimately it is up to all of us to take positive action to reduce our impact on the environment. With your help, the UW and HFS are working to create a culture of sustainability. Students living in the residence halls are encouraged to participate in sustainable practices, reducing both their carbon footprint and their day-to-day environmental impact. HFS works hard to be ecologically responsible, and you have an important part to play. Consider the following: • Carefully assess what you need to bring, and talk to your roommates about what can be shared. • If possible, leave your car at home. Students and staff bike, walk and take the bus, and the U-PASS is the best transportation deal in Seattle! • Choose Energy Star-certified products to ensure energy efficiency when purchasing appliances, lighting and electronics. • Use CFLs and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in your lamps and task lights. • Carry a reusable mug for coffee; many merchants (including campus cafés and espresso bars) offer a discount to customers who have their own cups. • The UW campus greatly values composting and recycling, so it is important to understand how to compost and recycle when living in the residential communities. If you want to get more involved with sustainability on campus, visit a Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) meeting. www.hfs.washington.edu 9