Undergraduate Housing Welcome Guide - Page 6

Authorize release of your information (FERPA release) The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from releasing your information (including how much you owe on your housing account) to anyone other than yourself without your authorization. You may authorize HFS to release information about your housing account (e.g., to your parents/guardians) by supplying their names on your HFS Student Profile. Note: HFS will not release room numbers to any unauthorized person including friends, parents and relatives. Shipping items prior to Move-in You may ship trunks and luggage prepaid to yourself using the package address for your room. Please do not ship items to arrive more than one week before you move in. All shipped items will be stored until residents retrieve them during the check-in period. The UW does not assume financial responsibility for such items. Transportation and parking options There are lots of ways to get around the campus and the city. Some of your options are: The U-PASS Program Using public transportation is an easy and wonderful way to get around campus and the city. UW students receive all the benefits of the U-Pass. Bicycles Many students prefer to bring their bicycles to campus. Bike storage is available in and around the buildings. Register your bike with the UW Police Department (UWPD) and learn how to keep it safe. Car and Motorcycle Parking A limited number of parking spaces on campus are reserved for residence hall students. If you must bring a vehicle to campus, you may apply for a parking space with the UW Transportation Services Office. Unfortunately, we are not able hold luggage dropped off at the front desk in person. 6 Discover Your Place at the University of Washington | Welcome Guide